Parking at the Park Inn Heathrow

Parking at the Park Inn

If you’re looking for a Heathrow hotel with parking, the Park Inn hotel - with spaces on-site for 650 cars - is ideal. The hotel offers a couple of excellent value park and fly options including a room for the night and parking for eight or 15 days depending on the length of your holiday.

Park Inn Heathrow carpark Park Inn Heathrow Parking at the Park Inn Heathrow A transfer bus at the Park Inn Heathrow Exterior of the Park Inn Heathrow

It’s a no frills package. You won’t find a meet and greet service collecting you at the gate, or get your car valleted while you’re away, but for those on a budget it’s hard to beat, especially when you factor in the other facilities the hotel has to offer. Plus there’s the added reassurance of knowing your car will stay exactly where you parked it right outside the hotel, and hasn’t been taken off-site to sit in an unknown car park.

The car park itself is easy to navigate – just take a note of the colour area you parked in – and bays are clearly marked. There are pay stations near reception, and the car park is securely fenced and gated, watched over by many CCTV cameras, and controlled by a barrier.

Transfers to and from the airport terminals are a simple matter via the Heathrow Hoppa buses and the free public transport bus that stops in the street, and local cab drivers will know the Park Inn really well. All the terminals are mere minutes away, so even if getting the family organised in the morning can be a bit of a chore, you won’t have the drag of a long ride to reach departures.

For simplicity and great value with some great family-pleasing extras thrown in, the Park Inn Heathrow hotel is a really good bet.