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Belfast City Airport Departures

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Flight Departure
BE1351 06:30
EI72 06:30
BE729 06:50
AA6713 06:55
AF6484 06:55
BA1427 06:55
BE401 06:55
EK4008 06:55
US7356 06:55
AY6656 07:00
BE125 07:00
BE471 07:00
CX9326 07:00
EK4076 07:00
EK4142 07:00
BE985 07:10
BE361 07:15
AC6900 07:40
EI30 07:40
EY7962 07:40
UA7647 07:40
BA5932 07:45
EI20 07:45
BE901 08:15
V9503 08:15
BE683 08:25
AY6658 08:30
BE473 08:30
CX9328 08:30
EK4144 08:30
AA6396 09:10
BA1423 09:10
IB4737 09:10
JL7126 09:10
US7358 09:10
BE735 09:35
AF6465 10:15
BE475 10:15
EK4146 10:15
BE363 10:20
BE903 10:20
BE127 10:40
EK4078 10:40
BE281 10:55
AF6440 11:00
BE403 11:00
EK4010 11:00
AF8284 11:15
DL9639 11:15
KL948 11:15
KQ948 11:15
V9507 12:10
BA5938 12:15
BE117 12:15
EI22 12:15
AC6902 12:40
EI34 12:40
EY7965 12:40
UA7665 12:40
BE331 12:50
BE423 12:50
EK4222 12:50
BE731 12:55
AF6468 13:15
BE365 13:15
BE405 13:15
EK4012 13:15
BA8171 13:30
IB5802 13:30
VY8851 13:30
AA6727 13:40
BA1415 13:40
IB4731 13:40
BE1353 13:45
BE685 14:35
BE995 14:45
EI54 14:50
AF6486 15:05
AY6662 15:05
BE481 15:05
EK4152 15:05
EY6116 15:05
AA6706 15:10
BA1417 15:10
IB4733 15:10
JL7128 15:10
QR5901 15:10
AF6413 16:00
BE409 16:00
BE905 16:00
EK4014 16:00
AF6489 16:10
BE411 16:10
EK4016 16:10
AF6461 16:25
BE129 16:25
BE483 16:25
EK4082 16:25
EK4154 16:25
EY6110 16:25
BA5946 17:00
EI26 17:00
EI36 17:20
EY7991 17:20
BE689 17:25
BE1355 17:50
BE1358 18:10
BE367 18:25
BE415 18:30
EK4018 18:30
BE485 18:35
EK4156 18:35
BA1419 18:55
IB4735 18:55
BE733 19:00
V9519 19:00
BE909 19:15
BE131 19:25
EK4084 19:25
BA1421 20:00
BE691 20:10
BE997 20:20
BE487 20:30
EK4158 20:30
BE417 20:35
EK4020 20:35

George Best Belfast City airport – renamed in honour of the Northern Irish footballer in 2006 – is the city’s second biggest airport and handles more than two million passengers a year. If you’re one of them, we’ve everything you need to know before you fly on this page. Our table below has live status updates for all flights leaving Belfast City airport today – alternatively, enter a flight number and date into the fields on the right. We can even show you on a map how far along its flight path the plane is – plus we’ve information about your airline and the aircraft you’ll be flying in, the weather forecast at your destination, and a list of places you might like to visit while you’re there.


You should check with your airline when you need to check in for your flight. As a rule, we normally recommend getting to the airport about two hours before your plane leaves. Some airlines allow online check-in now, which saves you a bit of time, as all you need to do when you get to the airport is drop your hold luggage at the bag drop before heading straight to security.

Baggage allowance

Your airline will be able to tell you what your hand and hold baggage allowance is, including the number of items of hand luggage you’re allowed and what the size restrictions are. It’s worth knowing that no hold bag is allowed to weigh more than 32kg, to protect baggage handlers from injury.

Liquids, pastes and gels are only allowed in hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less, otherwise you should pack them away in your hold luggage. Hand luggage liquids must be tcarried through security in a separate clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag (each passenger is only allowed one bag of liquids). Baby food, baby milk and medicine you will need during the flight are exceptions to the 100ml rule.

Book Belfast City airport parking and hotels

Have you booked your airport parking and airport hotel yet? Don’t, whatever you do, turn up on the day without having booked your parking as not only will you save money by booking with us, you know your space is guaranteed too. So check out our Belfast City airport parking page for some great deals – you can park either within the airport grounds or just outside (which tends to be slightly cheaper). If you don’t want to be rushing on the day of your flight, take a look at our Belfast City airport hotels page – the Premier Inn Titanic Quarter, just 12 minutes from the airport, is particularly good value.

Dropping off passengers

You can drop passengers off in the Short-Stay car park, which is a short walk from the terminal. You get 15 minutes free and after that parking costs £2.70 for up to 30 minutes, and £5 for up to an hour. (Prices correct on August 26, 2013.)