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Glasgow Airport Departures

129 flights leaving Glasgow Airport today

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Flight Departure
BY1608 05:40 M
AF8330 06:00 M
AZ3981 06:00 M
DL9538 06:00 M
EY7374 06:00 M
KL1470 06:00 M
KQ1470 06:00 M
SU4381 06:00 M
AF6492 06:40 M
AY8530 06:40 M
BE341 06:40 M
BE881 07:00 M
BY1624 07:00 M
BE781 07:05 M
FR7491 07:05
MT3148 07:05 M
U26861 07:05 M
BE551 07:10 M
LS177 07:15 2
AA6249 07:25 M
AB5171 07:25 M
BA2953 07:25 M
U262 07:25 M
BY6660 07:30 M
BA4120 07:50 M
BE6820 07:50 M
AC2489 08:00 M
LH7647 08:00 M
U2882 08:00 M
UA162 08:00 M
U2462 08:05 M
AA6673 08:15 M
AY5966 08:15 M
BA1473 08:15 M
US7266 08:15 M
EI3221 08:25 M
BA4021 08:30 M
BE6921 08:30 M
BY743 08:35 M
FR5771 08:40
BA4053 09:00 M
BE6853 09:00 M
LS155 09:00 2
MT286 09:10 M
BY676 09:15 M
MT3142 09:15 M
LS143 09:30 2
AA6251 10:10 M
AB5173 10:10 M
BA2957 10:10 M
AY8532 10:15 M
BE343 10:15 M
EY6081 10:15 M
FR4741 10:25
U26815 10:25 M
AA6615 10:35 M
BA1479 10:35 M
AF8334 10:40 M
AZ3887 10:40 M
DL9452 10:40 M
KL1474 10:40 M
SU4384 10:40 M
BA4122 10:45 M
BE6822 10:45 M
AF6433 10:50 M
BE785 10:50 M
U26883 10:50 M
BA4107 11:00 M
BE6807 11:00 M
AF6401 11:10 M
BE885 11:10 M
BE128 11:25 M
EI3223 11:30 M
EY7869 11:30 M
AB5163 12:30 M
AY5972 12:30 M
BA1483 12:30 M
IB7523 12:30 M
RJ3020 12:30 M
BA4051 12:45 M
BE6851 12:45 M
EK28 13:05 M
QF8028 13:05 M
U26869 13:05 M
BY1678 13:40 M
BA4015 13:45 M
BE6915 13:45 M
AA6439 13:50 M
AB5165 13:50 M
AY5976 13:50 M
BA1487 13:50 M
IB7527 13:50 M
BE130 13:55 M
BA4017 14:05 M
BE6917 14:05 M
FR7493 14:25
BE893 14:30 M
U26895 14:30 M
U2404 14:50 M
BE789 15:00 M
U26843 15:00 M
AB5167 15:30 M
BA1489 15:30 M
EI3227 15:30 M
EY7927 15:30 M
FR5773 15:30
IB7529 15:30 M
JL7746 15:30 M
LS167 15:30 2
AB5175 15:45 M
BA2959 15:45 M
U2206 15:45 M
BY1600 15:50 M
AF8336 16:15 M
AZ3821 16:15 M
EY7376 16:15 M
KL1478 16:15 M
KQ1478 16:15 M
SU3137 16:15 M
BY1640 16:40 M
FR7746 17:10
W61920 18:40 M
BA1495 18:50 M
S74712 18:50 M
BE132 19:35 M
U2468 19:45 M
EK26 20:45 M
QF8026 20:45 M
FR5775 21:20

If you’re flying from Glasgow airport, this is the page you need to read before you set off. If you want to check the status of your flight, you can do so either by entering a flight number and date into the fields on the right, or checking the list below of all flights leaving Glasgow airport today. We can even tell you whereabouts the flight is on its path – and we’ve also got information about the airline and the plane you’ll be flying in, as well as the weather (current and forecast) at your destination and a list of places to visit there.


There are two check-in areas at Glasgow airport, both on the ground floor. Desks 1 to 39 are in the main terminal, while desks 40 to 64 are next door in T2. Check the flight display monitors to see where you need to go, though it’s worth knowing that check-in for all Virgin, Jet2, Thomas Cook and Canadian Affair flights is in T2.

You should contact your airline to see how early you need to be there, but as a general guide, the airport advises arriving three hours before a long-haul flight, two hours before a European flight and one hour before flights within the UK and Ireland (personally, we think that’s cutting it a bit fine though and would aim for closer to two hours).

There are self-check-in kiosks for passengers flying with some airlines (including British Airways and Flybe), and some airlines allow online check-in - British Airways, bmi and KLM Cityhopper are among them.

Baggage allowance

Your allowance for both hold and hand baggage will be determined by your airline, so you’ll need to check with them. Some airlines do now allow more than one item of hand luggage. The crucial thing to know is that you can only bring liquids, pastes or gels in your hand luggage if they’re in containers of 100ml or less - and they need to be carried through security in a clear, resealable plastic bag. Liquids larger than that must be carried in your hold luggage. The exceptions are baby food, baby milk and liquid medicines – you may be asked for evidence that you need the medicine. For more information visit our Glasgow airport luggage and security page..

Book Glasgow airport parking and hotels

We can sort out somewhere for you to leave your car while you’re on holiday and somewhere for you to stay the night before your flight. Check out our Glasgow airport parking page for car park options, and our Glasgow airport hotels page for a range of comfy retreats. There’s plenty of choice, from the Holiday Inn opposite the terminal to the Erskine Bridge hotel, which offers a swimming pool and impressive views.

Dropping off passengers

There is a free drop-off area at Glasgow airport – just follow the signs for drop-off when you get to the terminal. However, you can’t pick passengers up there – instead, there’s a pick-up point in Car Park 2, 30 yards from the terminal, with an undercover waiting area. Parking here costs £1.50 for 10 minutes and £2 for 20 minutes, after which the car park’s normal charges apply. (Prices correct on August 23, 2013.)