Travel Tips

Tips and tricks to make your holiday that little bit easier.

Tips For Making Friends While Travelling

Solo travel doesn't have to be lonely. Check out our top tips for making friends while you travel.

17/09/2014 : sarahdavis

Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Cruise

Cruises aren't exactly known for being cheap - but they don't have to break the bank. Check out our tips for saving money.

11/09/2014 : sarahdavis

10 Travel Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

These travel hacks will save you some serious time.

09/09/2014 : sarahdavis

How To Take Better Travel Photos On Instagram

With so many travel photos on Instagram, how can you make yours stand out? We look at the ways that can really set your holiday snaps apart.

04/09/2014 : sarahdavis

How To Stay Healthy On Holiday

Just because you're going on holiday, you shouldn't let your health go to pot. From healthy eating to on-the-go exercise, we run through the ways that you can stay healthy...

01/09/2014 : sarahdavis

Travel Bloggers to Watch 2014

We've found 5 of the best up and coming travel bloggers for 2014.

28/08/2014 : sarahdavis

How To Take The Perfect Holiday Selfie

Love them or hate them - the selfie is here to stay. Everyone secretly loves to look good - especially on holiday. Check out our tips on how to take the best holiday selfie.

27/08/2014 : sarahdavis

10 Things You Really Don't Need To Take On Holiday

Master the art of packing light and get rid of these 10 little extras you really don't need to take on holiday.

26/08/2014 : sarahdavis

7 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the best - check out our reasons why.

21/08/2014 : sarahdavis

SteriPEN Freedom water purifier

Top Travel Gadgets 2014

We're big fans of anything that makes travel that little bit easier. From the weird to the wonderful, we run through 2014's best travel gadgets - with loads of prizes to be won!

21/08/2014 : sarahdavis

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