Jet Parks 3 Manchester Airport

Styal Road, Manchester M22 5YA

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keep keys
per day
5 - 10 minutes
to the airport
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Reasons to book Manchester Jetparks 3

  • The car park is convenient for all three terminals and you get to keep your keys.
  • Parking is about a mile from the airport and the runway is within a 100 metres - so it's very close.
  • The car park holds the Park Mark award and is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Transfers run 24 hours a day and take just 10 to 15 minutes.

Arrival at Manchester Jetparks 3

Drive up to the barrier, which will recognise your number plate and rise automatically. If the barrier doesn't raise, press the intercom for assistance and quote your reference number.

Do not press the green flashing button as this is for customers who haven't booked.

After parking your car, board a bus to the terminal. These run 24 hours a day, take 10-15 minutes and run every 15 minutes.

Getting to and from Manchester airport

Getting to your terminal couldn't be simpler - transfers only take 10-15 minutes, and run every 15 minutes, 24-hours a day.

On your return to Manchester Jetparks 3

After you've collected your luggage, catch the bus to the car park. You'll find your car waiting where you left it. Get in and drive to the barrier.

If you've stayed longer than you booked for, you'll be asked to make a payment using the chip and pin device.

If you have any problems, press the intercom for help.

More information

If you park for more days than you booked, the car park will charge you for the extra days at the standard long stay turn-up tariff in place at that time.

Manchester Jetparks 3 Address

Styal Road,
M22 5YA

Longitude -2.24740
Latitude    53.36221

All good, quick link up with regular bus service both ways. Automatic number plate reading makes access very easy.

Mr Robdale (Manchester Manchester Jetparks 3)

So simple. Everything went to plan. It takes the stress out of the holiday knowing your car is safe and you don't have to find some silly token or ticket when you have just come off a long flight.

Mrs Nelson (Manchester Manchester Jetparks 3)

Despite pre-booking, seriously struggled to find a space. Bus driver bon way back very unhelpful - did not have number on bus, just stood around drinking a cup of coffee!

Mr Richards (Manchester Manchester Jetparks 3)

I have used Jetpark3 many times, very happy with the service, and will definarely be using them again !

Mrs Osler (Manchester Manchester Jetparks 3)

Everything lived up to the adverts and ran smooth as clockwork. However the rough ground makes it slightly difficult with moving suitcases from where cars are parked to bus stops.

Mr Woods (Manchester Manchester Jetparks 3)

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Overall rating: 88% by 14470 guests

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 25-10-2016, valid as of 25-08-2016