Long Stay 2

Southend Airport, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6YF

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Long Stay parking for low prices

The only thing that's long about this award-winning car park is the amount of time you can stay there, because it's certainly nothing to do with the time that it'll take you to get to the terminal. A short, brisk walk will see you at the airline check-in desks in two to three minutes, and you won't need to give your car another thought until you get back: CCTV, fencing, floodlighting, barriers and regular staff patrols are in place to keep it safe. And its security has even won a police-accredited award. What more do you need to know?

Reasons to book Long Stay 2 Southend Airport

  • Official secured parking less than 50 paces from the terminal.
  • The car park's security is so comprehensive that it's won a police-accredited award called Park Mark.
  • Vehicle registration recognition makes for a quick entry and exit.

Arrival at Long Stay 2 Southend Airport

The car park has a vehicle registration recognition service, so just drive up to the barrier and it'll open. If you have not entered your registration prior to arriving you will be charged a £10 administration fee by the car park. If you have an issue, press the help/call button. Then find a space and stroll to check-in.

Getting to and from Southend airport

Glide through the automatic barrier that will recognise your registration and let you in then park and walk to check-in. When you get back, walk back and drive off. It's that simple.

On your return to Long Stay 2 Southend Airport

When you return, walk back to the car park, find your car, and drive up to the barrier - it'll open automatically. If not, just call for assistance.

More information

Since this is a special offer, it cannot be changed or cancelled once it's booked.

You must enter your correct car registration to your booking before you go, otherwise you will have delays in accessing the car park and the car park will charge you a £10 administration fee.

Long Stay 2 Southend Airport Address

Southend Airport,

Longitude 0.704564
Latitude    51.57177

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 03-05-2017 untill the 10-05-2017, valid as of 03-03-2017