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Best Travel Blogs For Foodies

If you like food, then you'll love these blogs!

Never beaten on price

Food is an important part of any holiday, and these gourmet bloggers have made it their mission to document the delicious, the decadent and the downright weird-and-wonderful delicacies of the world on their own travel adventures. Let your taste buds guide you towards your next trip, with a selection of our favourite foodie writers.

Best for adventurous eaters: The Food Explorer

The Food Explorer blog

With reviews of such delicacies as pig fat dip, barbecued testicles and sheep’s cheek and brain jelly, you’ll need a strong stomach to get through The Food Explorer’s posts. Penned by qualified nutritionist and food journalist Catherine Quinn, it’s an engagingly-written journey through the world’s most unusual delicacies, from Argentina to Vietnam. Catherine’s appetite for unusual and challenging dishes knows no bounds, so this is a great opportunity to find out what those dishes you might have wondered about but never dared to taste are really like. Duck embryo in Cambodia, anyone? Thought not…

Twitter: @CathWritesStuff

Best for vegetarian travellers: The Vegetarian Tourist

Vegetarian Tourist blog

Finding decent vegetarian food can be tricky in some parts of the world, so if you’re planning a holiday and feeling apprehensive about what meat-free meals you can expect on arrival, The Vegetarian Tourist is a useful and well-written resource. From the highs of veggie ceviche in Peru and fish-free pho in Cambodia to the lows of uninspiring aeroplane grub and ‘desserts for dinner’, this is a fascinating read from a seasoned blogger who really does seem to travel a lot!

Twitter: @vegtourist.

Best for haute cuisine: Greedy Diva

Greedy Diva blog

Like your holiday food to be a bit special? You’re in good company with Greedy Diva, whose culinary travels focus on the higher-end of gastronomy. The Diva’s self-confessed ‘gluttonous travels’ have taken her to a wealth of Michelin-starred French eateries, the wine trails of Venice, and many of the finest restaurants in her native Melbourne. The blog also has some gorgeous photography that will soon have you dreaming of your next trip.

Twitter: @GreedyDiva

Best for restaurant reviews: The Boy Who Ate The World

The Boy Who Ate The World blog

Written by food blogger, supperclub host and cordon bleu chef Guan, The Boy Who Ate The World is one of the most comprehensive globe-trotting food blogs we’ve seen yet. Guan is uniquely qualified to judge food establishments around the world, so his main focus is restaurant reviews, which he splits into London & the UK, USA & Europe, KL & Malaysia and Michelin Star.

If your budget won’t stretch to some of the extravagant eateries found in this blog, there’s also a handy recipes section that brings the best of global cuisine into your own kitchen.

Twitter: @Guan_Chua

Best for gluten-free travellers: Gluten Free Travel Blog

Gluten Free Travel Blog

Intolerances or more severe food allergies put many people off visiting countries they’d otherwise love to see. This is a fact of life that celiac husband and wife blogging team Roger and Lyndsay want to change, and their Gluten Free Travel Blog goes a long way towards doing that. Having had a bad experience on their wedding day in Las Vegas, these two jet-setting foodies created the blog to make travel easier for those who follow a gluten-free diet - with some brilliant ideas including gluten-free restaurant cards in 54 different languages. These can be handed out to catering staff to make them aware of your dietary needs.

Twitter: @CeliacTravel

Best for home cooks: Culinary Travels

Culinary Travels blog

If you’re already back from your holidays and want to re-create some of the delicious cuisine you sampled abroad, the chances are you can find out how to do it in Culinary Travels. Jam-packed with recipes from Australian Anzac biscuits to Yemani Zhug, this is a great way to see and taste the word without leaving your kitchen.

Twitter: @CulinaryTravels

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Written by Abi Silvester, a London-based writer and editor with a passion for great food, fine wine, coffee and cats; always planning my next trip! Follow her on Twitter.

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