Parking at the Ifield Court at Gatwick Airport

Your car will be treated like family

The Ifield Court is no longer available to book. Check out our other Gatwick airport hotel deals.

If you need parking while you're away, you can either leave your car in the Ifield Court hotel car park, or take it to Airparks, a secured car park just outside Gatwick airport grounds.

Outside the Ifield Court

If you're parking at the hotel, you'll need to leave your keys with reception, as the hotel staff will move your car for you into their long stay car park. When you check in, the hotel will book you a taxi to the airport, as well as a taxi back when you return from holiday. Taxis from the hotel to the airport and vice versa cost £10 for a saloon car, £15 for an estate or £17.50 for an 8-seat mini-van, each way.

If you're leaving your car at Airparks, you'll park at the hotel overnight, and take your car to Airparks in the morning. Airparks is just a mile from the Ifield Court. Turn right out of the hotel, then left onto Bonnetts Lane; you'll see the car park at the bottom of this lane. Turn left onto Charlwood Road and look for the entrance on the right.

Once you've checked in at the car park reception, the car park's transfer bus will take you to whichever terminal you're flying from. The journey to the airport takes about 10 minutes. Keep hold of the ticket you're given when you arrive at the car park - you'll need it when you come back to pick your car up.

The transfer bus back to Airparks leaves from stops 7 and 8 at the South terminal and stop 6 at the North terminal. Take your parking ticket to reception and collect your keys. If you’re in a hurry to get home, you can book a Return Greet package and have your car brought to you at the terminal.

For more information, visit our Airparks Gatwick page.