Bars at the Holiday Inn Express Stansted

Add an extra shot and enjoy some pre-holiday cheer

It's not quite your beach-front bar in paradise, but the Great Room at the Holiday Inn Express certainly offers the charm and atmosphere of a sun-soaked tavern. There's lots of comfy seating and free wifi, so you can enjoy a sociable evening with friends and family - or hide away behind your laptop! Plus, the peckish can enjoy sandwiches from 11am until 11pm.

Enjoy a drink at the Holiday Inn Express The bar at the Holiday Inn Express Quench your thirst at the Holiday Inn Express
  • The Great Room Bar:
  • Open 24-hours daily
  • Alcohol served 11am to 11pm

Relax with a glass of wine, sip one of your favourite spirits or ask the barman to pour you a pint: there's red, white and rose, which can be bought by the glass or by the bottle; lagers including Stella and Beck's; bottled beers and ciders; fruit juices; the usual soft drinks, including cola and lemonade.