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Travel News

Keep up to date with the news and events that could affect your holiday.

Airport delays

UK airports may be affected by snow warning

A weather warning is causing delays at UK airports

14/01/2017 : Kate.Jarvis
Egyptian Visa Stamp.

Don't Get Taken in on Your Visit to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Avoid visa scams in Sharm El Sheikh by following these helpful tips.

08/11/2016 : georgia.moir
Ebola infographic, WHO.

Travel Advice: What You Need To Know About Ebola

The latest information and travel advice on the Ebola virus and how it may affect your travel plans.

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra
Ryanair customer service

Ryanair Aims To Improve Customer Service

Leading low cost airline Ryanair has launched a new online suggestions box in a bid to improve customer service.

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra
Plane coming in for landing.

New rules on electronic devices affecting UK flights

A new rule implemented by British Airways has stated that mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned on for all flights...

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra
Airport delays

Luton Airport Evacuated Due To Security Alert

London Luton airport has been evacuated after a security alert was announced, triggered by a suspicious package.

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra
Cruise ships banned in Venice

Italy to ban large cruise ships in Venice

Cruise ships are to be banned in Venice from 2015 following an international campaign backed by a number of high-profile figures.

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra
Double Decker Runway

Double Decker Runways Could Double Airport Capacity in Five Years

Things may be getting a little busier at the airports of the future.

07/09/2016 : jessicazijlstra

Paris travel disruption

Important information for customers travelling to Paris

26/11/2015 : jessicazijlstra
Countries with reported Zika virus.

The Zika Virus: Should you travel?

Should the Zika Virus affect your travel plans? Get the facts on the Zika epidemic.

03/04/2016 : jessicazijlstra
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