Airlines Cancel Flights Due To Ebola Outbreak

British Airways joins a host of airlines in stopping flights

British Airways is the most recent major airline to stop flights to West Africa due to the "deteriorating public health situation" caused by the Ebola outbreak. The virus, which has claimed the lives of around 950 people to date, has meant that many flights are taking extra precautions by limiting flights to affected regions.

A history of Ebola:

BA announced on Tuesday that flights to Liberia and Sierre Leone were to be suspended. The service is expected to resume after August 31, and they have assured that customers who have booked within this time period will receive refunds.

"The safety of our customers, crew and ground teams is always our top priority," said company spokesperson, Caroline Titmuss.

In recent weeks, a number of airlines have ceased flights to parts of West Africa due to fears of Ebola, including Dubai-based Emirates and African airlines ASKY and Arik.

Written by Sarah Davis, the editor of the Holiday Extras blog. She's a social media junkie and avid blogger based in Canterbury, Kent.

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