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Newcastle Airport Departures

133 flights leaving Newcastle Airport today

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Let us help you find your flight and we can provide you with flight status, weather, airport services, destination guides, holiday checklist, baggage allowance, hand luggage sizes, airport & airline news and much more.

Flight Departure
U26427 06:00
AA6652 06:05
AB5221 06:05
BA1321 06:05
BY1562 06:05
CX1220 06:05
CZ7932 06:05
DL9299 06:05
EY7331 06:05
IB7541 06:05
KL952 06:05
KQ952 06:05
SU4304 06:05
US7306 06:05
BY1504 06:10
9W6797 06:25
AF1559 06:25
AZ3587 06:25
BE4130 06:25
BM1101 06:25
DL8437 06:25
SN4412 06:25
LS583 06:30
T34641 06:40
T34641 06:40
MT6024 07:00
U2547 07:00
U2820 07:05
LS557 07:15
T34030 07:20
T34030 07:20
LS597 07:30
LS531 07:40
T34621 07:40
T34621 07:40
FR173 07:55
BY1530 08:20
EI3351 08:30
U2565 08:30
BE142 08:45
AA6650 09:00
AB5225 09:00
BA1325 09:00
CX1218 09:00
JL7846 09:00
MT6566 09:00
US7307 09:00
MT6112 09:05
DL9652 09:10
KL954 09:10
SU3149 09:10
U26407 09:10
LS517 09:30
LS561 09:30
U26401 09:40
T34032 10:00
T34032 10:00
CZ7970 11:15
DL9350 11:15
KL958 11:15
SU4307 11:15
9W6798 11:50
AF1059 11:50
AZ3589 11:50
BE4132 11:50
MK9451 11:50
4U9339 11:55
AA6666 12:00
AB5227 12:00
BA1327 12:00
IB7543 12:00
RJ3006 12:00
CX1212 12:20
U26419 13:00
KL960 13:10
SU4309 13:10
EK36 13:35
QF8036 13:35
BY238 13:55
LS509 14:35
T34036 14:40
T34036 14:40
BY1558 14:50
BE424 14:55
LS529 15:10
LS523 15:25
EI3355 15:40
EY7882 15:40
LS353 15:40
V9815 15:45
AA6693 15:50
AB5229 15:50
BA1333 15:50
CX1292 15:50
IB7547 15:50
JL7752 15:50
BE146 16:00
T34627 16:00
T34627 16:00
U2553 16:10
EI3867 16:55
U2567 16:55
9W6799 17:00
AF1159 17:00
AZ3585 17:00
BE4134 17:00
MK9453 17:00
BM1107 17:05
SN4416 17:05
T34095 17:25
T34095 17:25
BY510 17:35
EY7328 17:35
KL964 17:35
KQ964 17:35
SU3151 17:35
T34094 17:45
T34094 17:45
AB5231 18:30
BA1335 18:30
CX1214 18:30
QR5911 18:30
U26453 18:50
EI3357 19:10
SK544 19:20
SK3075 19:45
WF385 19:45
U2569 20:00
U2555 20:05
BE148 20:15
BA1337 20:25
U2822 20:55
FR175 22:15

From when to check in to where to book your parking, we’ve got all the information you need before flying from Newcastle airport. First and foremost, we’ll tell you what your plane’s doing – our table below has live status updates for all flights leaving Newcastle airport today. Or enter a flight number and a date into the fields on the right for details – we can tell you how far along its path the plane is and give you details about your airplane and your airline. We can also give you the current and forecast weather at your destination and a list of places to visit.


As a general rule, the airport recommends that you check in at least three hours before a charter flight and two hours before a scheduled flight. However, you should check with your airline or tour operator to see what they recommend. Some airlines, including British Airways, Air France and KLM, let you check in online, which means that you only have to drop your hold luggage at the bag drop when you get to the airport before heading straight to security.

Baggage allowance

The maximum size for hand luggage at Newcastle airport is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. You’ll need to check your hand and hold baggage allowance with your airline – some do now allow you more than one piece of hand luggage.

Laptops and portable DVD players will need to be taken out of your hand luggage and screened separately. Remember that liquids, pastes and gels can only be carried in hand luggage in containers of 100ml or less, otherwise they must go in the hold. The exception to this is essential medicine which you need during the flight – you can bring more than 100ml of that in your hand luggage, but you’ll need to get permission from the airline beforehand and bring your prescription or a letter from your doctor with you. Make sure you have enough medicine, as Boots in the departure lounge isn’t a dispensing pharmacy – you can, however, order baby milk and baby food from Boots to collect after security. Just call 0191 214 6284 at least a week before you fly.

For more information, visit our Newcastle airport luggage and security page..

Book Newcastle airport parking and hotels

If you’re driving to Newcastle airport, you’ll need somewhere to park your car while you’re away. All our Newcastle airport car parks are within five minutes of departures – our best value option tends to be Airparks, which is just down the road from the terminal. We’ve a wide variety of friendly, welcoming Newcastle airport hotels, too, and we strongly recommend travelling up the day before your flight so you don’t have to worry about traffic on the day.

Dropping off passengers

There’s unfortunately no free drop-off area at Newcastle airport. The Express Pick Up and Drop Off car park right outside the terminal costs £1 for 15 minutes, £3 for 30 minutes, £4.50 for 45 minutes and £6 for an hour. (Prices correct on August 23, 2013.)