Long Stay Parking Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Long Stay, Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, EH12 9DN

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We do not currently sell this parking service for Edinburgh airport. We do have a choice of alternative park and ride services which are located just outside the airport perimeter. Take a look at our Edinburgh airport parking page to compare.

Is it enough to know that Edinburgh Long Stay is our only Edinburgh airport car park that's within the airport grounds? Or shall we add that it's just two minutes from the terminal on the transfer bus? Convenience isn't the only reason to book Edinburgh Long Stay, though - it's also fully secured, with CCTV, barriers and a fence. Oh, and did we mention the great prices? Edinburgh airport parking needn't be expensive.

Reasons to book Edinburgh Long Stay

  • Secured parking just 2 minutes from the terminal!
  • Transfers are included in the price, so there's no hidden fees.
  • CCTV, security fencing and regular patrols are all in place to take care of your car while you're away.

Arrival at Edinburgh Long Stay

When you arrive at the car park, just press the button at the barrier and you will be issued with a ticket. If a ticket is not issued or the barrier does not raise, press the intercom button and a member of the car park's team will help you. Then, just pull into any one of the available bays and park your car. You'll need to hold on to your ticket and make a note of the nearest bus stop so you can find your car when you return.

When you're ready to leave, just hop on the transfer bus to the airport. It runs every 10 minutes and takes just 2 minutes to reach the terminal.

Getting to and from Edinburgh airport

When you're ready to catch your flight, just head to the nearest bus stop to catch your transfer to the terminal. They run every 10 minutes and take just 2 minutes to reach the airport.

On your return to Edinburgh Long Stay

When you land, just grab your bags and head outside to catch the free bus back to the car park. It runs every 10 minutes and takes just 2. When you get back to your car, just pull up to the exit barrier, insert your ticket and wait for it to lift. Then, you're free to head home!

Edinburgh Long Stay Address

Edinburgh Long Stay,
Edinburgh Airport,

EH12 9DN

Longitude -3.35590
Latitude    55.94410