Annual trip

It is traditionally held that there are two basic forms of holiday insurance: single trip and annual multi-trip cover. Annual multi-trip cover is the perfect choice for those travellers heading away more than twice a year, since annual policies cover all trips made in a 12-month period for a one-off fee.

Our annual policies can be adapted according to your specific requirements, meaning winter sports, weddings, hazardous activities and more can all be covered for the entire 12 months.

Annual multi-trip is available with Holiday Extras

In addition, all holiday insurance policies with Holiday Extras can include cover for pre-existing medical conditions and feature End Supplier Failure cover. This means that you can enjoy complete protection if any element of your holiday - such as the airline - goes out of business either before you travel or while you're away.

So, whether heading away for a relaxing break, or jet-setting around the world for business, an annual policy with Holiday Extras represents exceptional value for money and comprehensive coverage for the regular traveller.