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Travel Insurance for Heart Conditions

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Travel with heart problems? Latitude has you covered

If you have problems with your heart, pre-existing conditions without comprising on your cover.

Whether you’re looking for holiday insurance after a heart attack, heart bypass, heart surgery or almost any heart problems, our holiday insurance will take the worry out of your time away.

Why choose Latitude for travel insurance for heart patients?

Our cover provides up to £15 million of medical treatment, as well as a £2,000 allowance if your suitcases go missing and up to £10,000 for fees if you need to cancel your trip. We can cover everyone in your party up to the age of 89 for ski holidays and cruises. We even have a 24-hour emergency helpline to talk through any worries or concerns you might have while you’re away.

Booking travel insurance - how Latitude can help

Our award-winning call centre can arrange heart disease travel insurance for you in just 10 minutes on average. Or you can be fully covered in just 7 clicks if you book online, complete the form above to start compare our great policies.

Latitude will keep you covered when you need it most

If the worst happens while you’re away, then we’ll do everything we can to ensure your treatment is covered. Your Latitude policy includes medical insurance up to a value of £15 million. That means we can be sure you have the best care and treatment if you should need it, without having to worry about the consequences. Take a look at the Latitude policy to see what else we can do for you.

Top tips for customers travelling with a heart condition

  • Talk to your GP before you leave, as they can give you advice on travelling and provide you with a note confirming you have a heart condition in case you run into any problems while you’re away.
  • Keep details of your prescription to hand, including the generic name and the dosage. This will ensure you can ask for exactly what you need if you have to get more medication for any reason.
  • Don’t forget about time-zones when planning your doses. Your schedule might not be as convenient in local time.
  • Keep mobile during your flight to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and drink plenty of water. Try to avoid too much alcohol or caffeine.
  • Be careful at high altitudes as the air will be thinner and put more strain on your heart.