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Travelling with an allergy? Don't set off without holiday insurance!

Suffering with an allergy can taint a holiday with apprehension. But finding the right travel insurance, should an allergic reaction kick in means you can focus on receiving the appropriate treatment whilst we foot the bill and get on enjoying your holiday. At Holiday Extras, we provide additional financial cover for any existing allergies that do not require prescription treatment including:

Existing Allergies

  • Hayfever
  • Eczema
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Nut Allergy

If you are unsure that your allergy will be covered, then be sure by contacting our free UK based insurance team on 0800 093 1900.

How do I declare my existing allergy?

Fill in the insurance quote form above, should you wish to declare your allergy, you will automatically be transferred to our team of insurance experts, Latitude insurance, this can be done either online or via our UK based insurance team by calling 0800 042 0309. Following the completion of your free medical screening - so we can determine the severity of your condition - they can rustle up a policy at an affordable price without compromising on your financial cover.

Like all of our pre-existing conditions travel insurance policies, you are more than likely to be eligible for cover on both a single trip and annual multi-trip basis:

  • Single trip: you will have full financial coverage for one trip of no longer than 45 days.
  • Annual multi-trip: for the frequent traveller, you will be financially protected for an unlimited amount trips, each up to 31 days across 12 months.

Policy Excess

Most insurers require a certain amount to be paid for a claim to be considered: this is called the policy excess. All our specialist medical policies come with a £75-£150, with many sections of our cover requiring no excess at all. If you would prefer to avoid paying the excess for all of the sections of cover, we suggest adding the excess waiver to your policy.

What if I choose not to declare my allergy?

We will always recommend our customers to declare all medical conditions, allergies included. Should you choose not to, you will be liable for any medical costs issued throughout your holiday.

Similarly, if you require treatment for an undeclared condition and you haven't informed us, your policy will be rendered invalid and you won't be able to submit a claim.

Looking for information regarding a different condition?

With regard to any other medical conditions, we can provide the most affordable policy. Be sure to have a read up on our pre-existing conditions travel insurance.

Visit our medical conditions page.

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