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Under 18's are entitled to free cover with a paying adult

Young adults and children are covered to travel alone from just £5.34*

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Arranging travel insurance is a vital step in ensuring that any trip runs smoothly and safely. For younger travellers journeying independently, getting a high level of protection at a great cost is even more important. With Holiday Extras’ you can count on substantial protection every step of the way. The variety of trips available to under 18s is vast, so when you book you’ll be able to choose a policy that is tailored towards your own plans, with additional cover available for hazardous activities, or those with declared medical conditions.

Travelling independently

Holiday Extras offers under 18s FREE holiday insurance when accompanied by an adult. However, we can also provide protection at excellent value for under 18's travelling alone, provided they are dropped off and met by an adult.

Travelling alone

  • £2 million medical cover
  • £500 cancellation cover
  • £500 baggage cover
  • Friendly 24/7 UK based helpline


Travelling with adult

  • Up to £10 million medical cover
  • Up to £5,000 cancellation cover
  • Up to £2,000 baggage cover
  • Friendly 24/7 UK based helpline


Under 18s and under 16s can book an annual multi-trip policy to obtain protection with the maximum level of cover for an entire year. Those who leave booking until the last minute need not worry – 60 per cent of our customers travel within 14 days of booking their policy. Children with medical conditions can make the most of our specially-tailored Latitude travel insurance policies, and thrill-seekers can book hazardous activity cover on higher level policies.

How to book

You’ll be able to book any of our policies without fuss. You can book your policy online by completing the insurance form above. Or make use of our UK based call centre, it's FREE to call and our team are readily available to discuss any queries and assist with making your booking.

Policy Excess

Most insurers require a certain amount to be paid for a claim to be considered: this is called the policy excess. The excess on Holiday Extras policies range from around £75-£100, with many sections of our cover requiring no excess at all. If you would prefer to avoid paying the excess for all of the sections of cover, we suggest adding the excess waiver to your policy.

Tips for under 18 travellers

  • Check the law – Laws and customs for people travelling under the age 18 without their parents differ between countries, so be sure to do your research in advance. You’ll also have to check the policy of your airline, as many require under 18s to check in with an adult.
  • Make copies of all important documents – Having both physical and digital copies of all necessary travel documents – from your passport to your contacts list – can prevent stress and save time and money if you lose anything.
  • Budget well in advance – By researching the currency and general costs of the country you visit, you’ll be able to estimate how much you are likely to spend. You can then ensure that you have extra funds available in case any problems occur.
  • Protect your Tech - Your phone will probably be your life-line while abroad, so insuring this and any other gadgets against loss and theft is a smart move. Check out our gadget travel insurance page for more information.

*Prices based on traveller aged between 18-65 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling for one week during peak holiday season. Please note that prices are subject to change. For the most up-to-date quote, always use the booking engine.

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