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Discover India with great value worldwide travel insurance, starting from just £23.50 per week* for up to 365 days cover.

Travel insurance for India

India is a vast and incredibly diverse country, so you'll want the right worldwide travel insurance to protect you, no matter which area you visit. Once you've taken out travel insurance that's suitable for your trip to India, you can really relax, knowing that you are fully covered for the trip you've been waiting for. You'll have cover in place for cancellations and lost baggage, and your policy will include reassuring medical protection for declared medical conditions, and unforeseen medical expenses.

India travel advice

  • WARNING: There have been bomb attacks in the Darjeeling hills as a result of ongoing strikes. If you are travelling through or near to the areas affected, be sure to keep in touch with your travel company and monitor the local news.
  • Following the delivery of the verdict of a high profile court case, travellers are warned of the possibility of violence in and around Chandigarh - it is advisable that you avoid these areas and monitor local media.
  • Be aware of heavy monsoon rains affecting north Bengal, Assam and north-east India resulting in disruption of train services and roadways

Choosing your insurance provider

With Holiday Extras, arranging your India travel insurance is quick and simple. We offer three levels of cover:

  • Basic provides £500 of cancellation cover per person, up to £2 million for medical costs, and £1,500 to protect your baggage.
  • Standard offers £1,000 of cancellation cover per person, as well as £5 million in medical cover and baggage cover of £1,500.
  • Premium guarantees you up to £5,000 per person to cover a cancellation, £10 million of medical costs and cover for your baggage of £1,500.

You can choose single trip cover or an annual travel policy that gives you our highest level of support for a full year. Children in your party up to 18 will also be covered for FREE when they're accompanied by an adult.

What do you need from an India Travel Insurance policy?

Comprehensive medical insurance

Proper medical care is available in India, though this tends to only be in the major cities and is often privately run and expensive. In the more remote rural areas, access to adequate healthcare can be very limited. For these reasons, it's really important to make sure that your travel insurance policy includes proper medical cover that will meet your needs in case of an emergency.

Holiday Extras provide multiple levels of medical cover for you to choose from, all of which cover you for emergency medical treatment and repatriation back to the UK.

Easy claiming under medical travel insurance

Making a claim for emergency medical treatment with Holiday Extras is simple. Just remember that most insurers provide their medical cover through reimbursement, after you have given proof of having received the treatment. For this reason, make sure you have access to adequate funds before going abroad, so you can pay for any emergency treatment, and remember to keep hold of any receipts to make claiming back easier.

As well as taking out a good level of medical cover, you should also make sure to have a well-stocked first aid kit to hand, especially if you plan to visit more rural, remote areas. Insect borne diseases are common and it can be all too easy to fall ill during your trip. With only very basic healthcare in many areas, having a simple first aid kit can be invaluable.

Theft and Loss cover

Having reliable theft and loss cover is a must for travelling to India. In popular tourist areas like Goa, Agra and Jaipur, theft, confidence scams and muggings are not uncommon. Whilst caution and common sense will help you avoid most situations, it's wise to have a solid back up plan in the form of personal possessions insurance.

As part of all our policies, Holiday Extras provide cover for the loss and theft of your personal possessions, up to £2,000. Just roughly estimate total value of the goods you will be taking with you on holiday, and then choose the level of cover that best matches your needs.

Should you have to make a claim, remember that you'll need to provide a police report obtained within 24 hours of the incident, along with some proof of ownership for the lost or stolen item.

Sports and adventure travel insurance

India has a lot to offer the bold adventurer- from wild jungle tours in Gujarat to treks up the frozen Zanskar river. If you plan to take on challenges like these during your trip, it may be a good idea to check whether your travel insurance policy covers you for sporting and adventurous activities.

Holiday Extras travel insurance policies provide cover for over 100 different sporting activities as standard. For higher risk activities, you may need to take out an additional premium. You can check out our sports insurance page to see if any activities you have planned are covered.

Worldwide cover

Needless to say, you should make sure that your travel insurance policy for India covers you for worldwide travel and not just European travel. At Holiday Extras, you can get comprehensive worldwide cover from £23.50.

India travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a travel insurance policy that will cover you properly. When booking with Holiday Extras, simply declare any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, and we will tailor a policy specifically suited to your needs.

Compare India Travel Insurance

If you are undecided as to which travel insurance policy to go for, you can be sure that with Holiday Extras travel insurance, you will be receiving top level cover at an affordable price. Check out how we compare with other leading insurers...

Policy Details* Tesco Post Office Holiday Extras
Price £61.99



Medical Emergency £2 million

£2 million

£10 million

Cancellation £1,000



Personal possessions £1,000



Personal money £300



Loss of passport -



Legal advice and expenses -



Abandonment after 24hrs -



Personal accident -



Personal public liability

£2 million

£1 million

£2 million

End supplier failure -


Missed departure




24hr personal assistance








Booking your policy

Making your booking is completely hassle-free whether you choose to do so online or via our UK call centre. Simply fill in our travel insurance quote form above to choose your policy or place a call to our support team who are on hand to help you if you have any questions and to assist you with making payments.

Things you need to know before you go

Vaccinations - Consult your GP roughly four to eight weeks in advance of your trip to make sure you're up-to-date with any relevant vaccinations. Our policy will not cover medical conditions if they develop because you do not have the required immunisation.

Visas - There are a number of different types of visa for entry to India, including the transit visa that allows you to travel across the country. With a tourist visa, your maximum length of stay in India is 90 days.

Weather - The rainy monsoon season in India lasts for four months, from June to September. The 'hot' season is before the monsoon and the 'cool' season after, so plan accordingly.

Activities to make your India holiday memorable

  • Get down to Goa. The state was once a Portuguese colony, and is full of its own unique charm and character with almost completely untouched beaches.
  • Discover the port city of Mumbai, the home of Bollywood movies that's formerly known as Bombay.
  • Experience the majesty and stunning architecture of the Taj Mahal, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than 30 years.
  • Stay for Diwali. The 'festival of light' takes place in late October or November - and if you're in the tropical south of India, there's no need to pack winter clothes.