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We love hearing back from our customers and their experience booking travel insurance with Holiday Extras. Our aim is make sure you receive a premium level of service to match your excellent policy. With a delightfully quick and easy booking process, we've kept things straightforward.

With affordable policies for senior travellers, cruise excursions and travel insurance with medical conditions policies. And if your trip is going to include activities like winter sports, golf or hazardous activities, we can help you to get the cover that you need at similarly great value.

If you’re considering booking travel insurance with Holiday Extras, take a look at what our previous customers had to say:

Customer testimonials

easy. clear

Mstr Woods, 24 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Very professional as always.

Mr Lowe, 24 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Very easy to do. Found lots of choice and prices. Insurance now chosen, company spoken to, paid the money, now insured

Mr Graham, 25 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

very smooth, and nice to get discount as an existing customer

Miss Laithwaite, 24 Jul 2017, 8 out of 10

Very easy, no problems.

Mstr Blanchard, 23 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Very easy to use and great help when I made phone contact

Mrs Southon, 23 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Quick, easy and at a good price

Miss Hall, 24 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Great as always

Mr Garden, 23 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

so much easier than other companies i have used to cover pre existing medical conditions.

Mr Phipp, 24 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

very easy and straightforward just what we wanted

Mr Waite, 23 Jul 2017, 9 out of 10

Easy enough to do just when I wanted Jake who I had originally spoke to to ring me back I was still waiting and had to ring again

Mrs Batty, 23 Jul 2017, 9 out of 10

Very helpful call handler over medical screening, which is a necessary evil.

Mr Goldsmith, 23 Jul 2017, 8 out of 10

great service with plenty of info

Mr Kelly, 22 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Polite, friendly and efficient service.

Mr Lane, 23 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Won't mention the company's your price was more reasonable

Mr Neal, 22 Jul 2017, 9 out of 10

slight problem with online sysytem as it wouldn't accept my payment card and move on. had to phone to agree purchase and pay

Mr Henderson, 22 Jul 2017, 9 out of 10

Clear and straightforward

Mr Bethune, 22 Jul 2017, 6 out of 10

Very straightforward process

Dr Burcher, 21 Jul 2017, 9 out of 10

A friendly, efficient and professional lady dealt with the renewal of my annual policy.

Mrs Booth, 21 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

So easy to deal with everything online.

Mr Murphy, 21 Jul 2017, 10 out of 10

Our Travel Insurance has an overall rating of 90% by 10862 customers

Product awards

Our dedication to making life as simple as possible for our customers, and to helping them towards a smooth, stress free trip, is central to everything that we do. It’s been recognised by our customers, as shown by the huge popularity of our insurance policies, and also by industry experts. You can find some of the accolades earned by Holiday Extras below:

  • Globe Travel Awards 2016 - We're proud to announce that we've been awarded Best Travel Insurance Provider 2016 at the Globe Travel Awards. This is the eighth year in a row that we've received this award and we're not done yet!
  • Employee Benefits Awards 2013 - Teamwork is crucial to our success, and in June 2013 Holiday Extras won the ‘Most Engaging Benefits Package’ award.
  • The Elite Travel Awards 2013 - In January 2013, Holiday Extras was awarded the ‘Best Ancillary Provider’ prize by the Elite Travel Group.

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