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Matthew Pack

Group Chief Executive Officer

As the son of company founder Gerry Pack, I have Holiday Extras in the blood, working on software for the business even at college. My official Holiday Extras career began in 2002.

My passion for travel and technology is embodied by the vision for Holiday Extras.

To organise the world's trips and maximise their fun with intelligent software.

I became a director of Holiday Extras in 2005 and was part of the team that led the management buyout of the company that year. CEO of Holiday Extras from December 2009 to January 2015 - I stepped into the role of Group CEO at the end of January 2015. Its been an epic journey so far. I've had a lot of help and support on the way. My motto in life "no fun, no point". More chief energy officer than chief executive.

Matthew Pack CEO Holiday Extras with son Henry on his shoulders whilst on holiday in Croatia

Every day I spend at Holiday Extras is about making travel easier, better, hassle-free and more fun. I appreciate every booking and every customer. Best prices, best products, best service my mantra.

Life before Holiday Extras

Despite eating, drinking and sleeping Holiday Extras from an early age, I managed to squeeze in studies at Cambridge Business College and Bournemouth University, emerging with a Diploma in Business and a BSc in Information Systems Management. Following a University placement at British Airways; travels around the world; and my first proper job as technical project manager at online travel pioneer,; I was ready to come home.

Real life

I am addicted to adrenalin sports and can be found snowboarding, skiing and windsurfing whenever I get the chance. If its windy I will duck out of the office for a few hours and hit the beach which is just 10 mins from the office.

Matthew Pack windsurfing in Fuerteventura and flying through the air on a kiteboard

I am married to the amazing Amanda and have 3 lovely children, Emily, Thomas and Henry. I live near Canterbury in Kent.

Matthew Pack family shot with wife, Amanda and 3 children, Emily, Henry and Thomas on a SunSail holiday in Croatia 2015

My parents, Gerry and Carol continue to be there day and night for me. They have 7 grandchildren and counting! They are the most supportive parents anyone could have running what is still very much a family business. Although they are both non exec directors they play an active role in business but leave me to call the shots working with my boss and Chairman and all round nice guy Mark Smith. Steve Lawrence was CEO before me, he joined the business in 1993 when the turnover was just £4m a year, this year the business will turnover close to £400m. I am more than grateful for all the knowledge, hard work and learnings Steve passed on to me as the 3rd CEO in the company's history, Steve continues to contribute to Holiday Extras as a non-exec director and has just stepped down as Chairman from miDrive, a business Holiday Extras invested in, midrive is now the UK's largest learner driver community.

Photo of my wife Amanda with parents Gerry and Carol skiing in Serre Chevalier.

Matthew Pack with wife Amanda and parents Gerry and Carol skiing in Serre Chevallier

My father and I at the Holiday Extras office. This photo was taken for the 30th year of Holiday Extras.

Matthew Pack and Gerry Pack at the Holiday Extras Office.

My favourite place on earth is still India. I'd never do it again! But I have many many times. Having backpacked there in 1999 I have been back with the family a few times. Thanks to Trailfinders for organising 2 epic adventures in 2015 and 2016. Here's a pic of us all before dinner in Delhi.

Matthew Pack with wife Amanda and children Emily and Thomas on holiday in India 2016, photo taken at the Imperial Hotel Delhi

Be one team is one of 5 values we live and breathe every day at Holiday Extras. This pic was taken on a recent trip to Verona with the leadership team. You can read all about it here: The 2016 Holiday Extras Leadership Walkshop to the Mountains of Verona. I can genuinely say I enjoy working with each and every one of the team here. Many have stayed with the business for more than 10 years. Super smart and super committed to making Holiday Extras a great business and a great place to work.

Matthew Pack with leadership team in Verona. Pic taken after an 8 hour hike through the rain. Be one team. From left to right. Simon Hagger, Sean Hagger, Howard Dove, Mel Davis, Cathy Beare, Johannes Mehrer, Anthony Clarke-Cowell, Matthew Pack, Chris Gale, Andy Britcliffe, Andrew Parker, Michelle Clarke-Cowell, David Norris, Ian Copely, Carolyne Creed, Anna Divers, Leigh Wood, Matthew Paxton

This about sums it up. An image from a recent marketing campaign launching our Travel Better promise. They'd abandoned worry. They'd abandoned Britain. They'd abandoned everything except their smoldering passion; for they had found a way to Travel Better!

Mattie Pack Passport to Paradise. They'd abandoned worry. They'd abandoned Britain. They'd abandoned everything except their smoldering passion for they had found a way to Travel Better!

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