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Bars: another close thing

The bar at the Gatwick Cambridge hotel is at one end of a smart lounge, which has plenty of tables and comfortable leather seats, and enough space to sit in peace and catch up on the news. There’s also a large screen TV with Sky.

Cambridge Bar

  • 6pm to 10pm
  • Food: 6pm to 10pm

Cambridge Bar

The hotel bar is run by Sarin, and is a comfortable place to relax before dinner. Sarin, who like all the staff we met, is friendly and attentive, serves the normal bar drinks plus a number of cocktails, which include a ‘Sarin Special’, carefully devised by himself, which is made up of amaretto, orange juice, blackcurrant and a dash of vodka. It carries quite a kick, but the orange juice makes it fairly easy to persuade yourself it’s a health drink.

If you’re peckish, the bar provides sandwiches, prawns, cheese and tomato, tuna, bacon - all the regular favourites - that means there’s always somewhere to have a quick snack between 10am and 10pm. Should we ever be blessed with a balmy night in the summer, you can take your drink outside for a little al fresco quaffing.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 26-01-2020, valid as of 21-11-2019