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Bournemouth Airport Hotels

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By booking your Bournemouth airport hotel before you fly, you can begin your holiday relaxed with the peace of mind that you won't be caught up in traffic or long check-in queues. This means you can wake up to a delicious breakfast and get ready in your own time, the perfect way to enjoy hassle-free travel. Our prices start from just £114.00 per night.

There is 1 hotel near Bournemouth airport: the Hallmark hotel is situated in a convenient central location in relation to the town, with a brief transfer to the airport available. You can also book secured parking at the hotel for up to 15 days.

HotelRoom only priceinc. 1 week parkingStars
Mystery 4-star Hotel

*This is an example price for a reservation on 08-04-2018, valid as of 06-02-2018.

A little about the Hallmark hotel

Guests at the Hallmark hotel can expect to find beautiful décor inside the hotel, as well as a well equipped Health Club & Spa, swimming pool and 5 conference rooms. The 4-star hotel offers delicious meals and fine wine so you can indulge in little luxury before you fly.

Room-only or include car parking

You can upgrade to a Hallmark hotel and parking deal which enables you to park your car for between 8 and 15 days. This is a perfect way to ensure you jet off with the peace of mind that your car is safe and secure, awaiting your return. Booking your Bournemouth airport hotel and parking package online guarantees you a great deal.

Top tip

We advise that you book your airport hotel and parking as early as possible in order to guarantee the cheapest deals. Prices change according to availability so make sure you're online and sorted in advance!