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Mystery Hotel at Manchester Airport

Never beaten on price

There's a simple way to secure an amazing deal when looking for Manchester airport hotels: Manchester Mystery airport hotels. Formerly known as 'Undercover Hotels', the name of the hotel remains a mystery until after you've made your booking but it is always from our excellent portfolio of Manchester Airport Hotels.

Why Book a Manchester Airport Mystery Hotel?

Holiday Extras selects 3-star and 4-star Mystery Manchester Airport hotel rooms, making them available at a discounted price. Instead of declaring the name of the hotel in advance, we'll only tell you the name of the hotel once you have booked. This enables us to allocate rooms according to availability and charge a lower rate in doing so. You're guaranteed a room at one of our great 3 or 4-star Manchester hotels at a fantastic price, and can even add parking during the booking process if you wish.

Manchester Airport Mystery Hotel - How it Works

  • Secure a cheaper price than normal
  • Book into a 3 or 4-star hotel
  • Within Manchester Airport grounds or very close
  • The hotel's identity is confirmed after booking
  • Parking packages available with our Mystery Hotels.

Mystery Hotel at Manchester Airport - How to Book

  1. Enter your dates into our search engine on the left
  2. Select the Mystery Hotel option on the results page.
  3. Follow the booking process for your Mystery Hotel
  4. Wait for the email confirming your stay

Extras and Upgrades

If you're already starting your trip early with an Mystery hotel at Manchester airport, why not add our hotel upgrades to your booking? You may, for example, choose to carry on that holiday feeling with a Manchester airport lounge. With FREE drinks and snacks, along with some peace and quiet, you can kick back and relax before boarding your flight.