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Stansted Undercover airport hotels

Add breakfast to your Undercover Hotel stay

If you have seen our Undercover Hotels, you may be wondering exactly what they are. Put simply, an Undercover Hotel is a 3 or 4-star Stansted airport hotel that remains unknown until after you've booked.

Can you tell me the name of the Hotel?

Unfortunately not. Although the name of the hotel remains hidden until you have booked, you will still be provided with some information. In addition, it will always be at least 3-star accommodation, so you can rest assured that you're booking a quality hotel for a great price.

Why pre-book?

Pre-booking your airport hotel with means you can enjoy a significant discount. Search for the airport you are departing from, and you will be provided with a detailed list of hotels available. It is in this list you will find the Undercover Hotel options. While you are booking your Undercover airport hotel, you should also keep an eye out for our upgrades page. Here you can choose to add certain products or services to your booking.

Book an Undercover Hotel at Stansted

Why not treat yourself to a two-course meal? If this option is available at your Undercover Hotel, you can simply stroll downstairs and enjoy a delicious meal in the comfortable surroundings of the hotel. You may be able to book yourself breakfast. Choose from the continental or full English option to begin the day in the best possible way.

You can benefit from the upgrades we offer before you even arrive at the hotel. Why not try our traffic assistant text service and ensure you avoid any traffic hotspots? For just 99p you will be sent traffic updates on the day you travel, along with discounts you can use in the airport shops.

With such a fantastic range of upgrades available at the click of a button, you are able to create a hotel stay just the way you want it.