Joe Stump, advisor

Joe Stump -Advisor - Holiday Extras

Since he started working with Holiday Extras in 2011, Joe Stump has offered the company unique customer technology insights and Joe has helped the in-house technology team to solve some of the bigger and more complex data issues.

Joe Stump is a technical leader and serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three venture-backed start-ups (, SimpleGeo & Previously Joe was Lead Architect of Digg. Additionally, he's invested in and advised dozens of startups and companies.

Joe’s passion about development processes, iterative product development, and building scalable web infrastructure is a great fit for Holiday Extras in its quest to help to make travel easy for its customers.

Life apart from Holiday Extras

Since and Quick Left merged in January of 2014, Joe has been responsible for managing Quick Left's growing line of products as well as being in charge of customer development, testing, product roadmap, and growing product KPIs.

Real life

Joe is enthusiastic about coffee, snowboarding and travelling. In his fleeting spare time he loves to travel the world with his partner Diana as well as chase his dogs, Sheldon and Bazinga, around the house.

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

"My perfect hassle-free holiday involves a beach in the middle of nowhere, befriending the locals to garner local recommendations, and a few cool, tasty adult beverages with Diana."


"Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness - is something that Mark Twain once said that inspires me to seek out my fellow humans in my travels. It continually reminds me that we're all on this round planet together; might as well make the most of it!"