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Save money by booking UK airport lounges from just £15 per adult and £8.76 per child

Here at Holiday Extras we've been helping our customers start their holiday early and unwind in airport lounges for more than 15 years - so let us help you too. As well as a super-easy booking process and market-leading customer support, we can save you up to 60% off the normal price of an airport lounge pass.

We sell airport lounges at 22 UK airports and we've recently started selling airport lounges abroad too.

Airport Lounge customers' rating: 84 (48,361 reviews).

Benefits of an airport lounge

Airport Lounges Complimentary Food and Drinks

Arriving at the airport with plenty of time before departure is sensible but often leaves you with a lot of time to kill before you fly. With an airport Lounge you can put your feet up, away from the busy departure areas, and enjoy a bit of peace. Lounge passes include a selection of free drinks, snacks and reading material and most Lounges will have a TV, Wi-Fi and entertainment area. From only £15 per adult, a dash of VIP airport Lounge treatment offers great value for your money.

  • It offers a secluded getaway from the crowded terminal
  • You can relax in a comfy lounge armchair for up to 3 hours before your flight
  • Enjoy a selection of complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Unwind with complimentary magazines and newspapers
  • By the time you've bought food, drinks and newspapers and magazines in the terminal, it could well add up to the amount you pay per person to enter a lounge
  • Kick back and watch the TV or enjoy other entertainment facilities
  • Some lounges have business facilities including wireless broadband so you can make use of your waiting time
  • Most lounges accept children and some even have gaming consoles to occupy them
Airport Adult price* Open times
Gatwick £17.99 4am-10pm
Heathrow £26.99 4:30am-11pm
Manchester £24.99 4am-9pm
Stansted £25 4am-9pm
Luton £26.49 4:30am-9pm
Birmingham £24.99 4:30am-9pm

*Prices are correct at the time of writing but may differ for the dates you require. Prices do not always correspond to the Lounge with the opening times listed here. Please enter your dates and search for live prices and check opening times of each airport Lounge.

Lounges at every major UK airport

We have a great selection including Gatwick airport lounges, Heathrow airport lounges, Stansted airport lounges, Manchester airport lounges and Glasgow airport lounges, to name a few.

Why not take a moment to browse our wide selection of lounges to see what you could be enjoying next time you fly?

If you've never used an airport lounge before, you don't know what you're missing. Do a search today and pre-book your space with the UK market leader.

Worldwide and European airport lounges

Not only do we offer airport lounges in the UK but we are also delighted to have great deals on airport lounges in Europe and Worldwide. Our European airport lounges and Worldwide airport lounges are a great way to end your holiday away from the hustle and bustle of busy international terminals.

Top tip

Make sure you pre-book early as airport lounges can often fill up. Do a search today and see how easily affordable they are.


Airport lounges offer a great way to start your holiday. You really get your money's worth. It's not only a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the terminal, but when you look at what you get for the three hours, we think you'll agree it's great value.

Airport Lounge Children

Holiday Extras sell airport lounges at 21 UK airports and we're now selling them abroad too. Do a search today and find out if there's an airport lounge at the airport you're travelling from? When you've made a booking, we'll send you your confirmation.

Pre-book your place today - it's quick and easy. Simply fill in your details above or contact us.

So what do you get? You get up to three hours' peace and quiet to unwind before you fly, unlimited free drinks and snacks and a selection of newspapers and magazines to read. Most lounges have a TV, as well as other entertainment facilities.


We ask all our customers if they'd mind leaving us some feedback about their experience booking an airport lounge with us. We hope these comments can help you make a decision about which airport lounge to book and provide some assurances about our service.

Customer Reviews

Aspireawful. unless you like pasta which i don’t or mushroom soup then waste of money. virtually paid £25 for scone and piece of cake as nothing else available. won’t use againMrs Greenall 06 Jun 2018 (1 out of 5)

Plaza Premium T2 Departures - 3 hoursdear sir/madam we booked through holiday extras, hotel with parking, ref1eipf, from the 19th may to the 3rd june, on the basis that we had done similar last year. on our way down to heathow airport we telephoned fly drive to let them know we where on route and would be there around 16.00 hrs. when we arrived at the short stay carpark, the fly drive attendant did not know we would be arriving and had no paper work regarding our booking. he had to ring and find out if our paper work from you was correct. during our holiday, in fact the middle weekend i checked where my car was parked, ( it is equipped with vauxhauls on star system). on two separate occasions, 1 hour apart it was located at these addresses first – horton road, slough, second – horton road. this gave me some cause for concern. i checked these two address on google maps, to my surprise to find that they where houses. i emailed holiday extras twice with no answer, i finally received a reply the following day from a ryan godden. i got the opinion that he did not believe me, but after a number of emails between us he agreed to contact fly drive. after two days we received an email from ryan stating that, the car was at a secure compound and not the address i gave him, being miles away in thailand i had to accept it, but was unhappy. when we arrived back to heathrow airport and went to the car park where the fly drive attendant is, they had no idea that we where picking up our car, all he said was have we telephoned, i said no because we where not informed to do that. at that time we where not the only people waiting for the cars, it appeared that they very disorganized situation. after a twenty minute wait my car arrived. i gave it a close inspection the outside paint work was very dusty, when i opened the car doors i found the front passenger seat had been completely laid flat, why?, also all controls the could be adjusted had been, why?. also the fuel guage was at a lower position by some amount that it was when we left it, even taking it to account of distance to and from to a compound, if there was one. this all leads me to believe that it had been used by some one while we where on holiday and not stored in a secure compound. if it was stored at a compound why would it be moved in the middle of our holiday?. the onstar system is correct because i have checked it at other addresses since we have been home. i have no complaint regarding the stay at the hotel, however i am a disgruntled costumer with fly drive part of our booking, they do not seem a reputable company. compairing them with purple parking we booked through you last year on the same type of booking, there is no comparision. regards d tupling.Mr Tupling 06 Jun 2018 (1 out of 5)

No1 Lounge, South Terminalover priced and over booked.booked lounge for outward and return journey as connecting flights at gatwick the food was a disgrace and could not get a seat .not worth the money or the stressMrs Flockhart 06 Jun 2018 (1 out of 5)

No1 Lounge, North Terminalbuffet food was awful, previous years when we've used the lounge it has been from a menu and was very good.Mr Ewington 06 Jun 2018 (3 out of 5)

Escape Lounge (Terminal 2)all went smoothly,very satisfied with escape lounge terminal 2.Mrs Walsh 06 Jun 2018 (4 out of 5)


Can I arrive at an airport lounge earlier than three hours before my flight?
Unfortunately you can only book into an airport lounge up to three hours before your flight is due to leave. Guests who arrive before their time slot could be refused access into the lounge.

Can I turn up at the lounge without pre-booking?
Customers can turn up at most lounges without pre-booking, but we always recommend pre-booking to guarantee a space, as lounges often get fully booked.

Can I take my children into an airport lounge?
Some lounges do allow children whereas others unfortunately do not. It's always best to check before pre-booking. Contact us and we'll be happy to check this for you.

Can I wear trainers in an airport lounge?
Most airport lounges have a dress code. Some lounges will allow you to wear smart trainers but this is at their discretion. Contact us and we'll be happy to check this for you.

Are alcoholic drinks included in the price of an airport lounge?
Yes - alcoholic drinks are included in the price. Champagne usually costs extra and you can pay for it at the lounge.

If I'm in the lounge, how will i know when to board my plane?
All lounges have flight information screens as well as tannoy announcements, so you'll be kept up to date.