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Berlitz Travel Guides

Tell me about Berlitz travel guides.
C'est incroyable! Language teaching company Berlitz branched out into publishing in the 1970s, and is now one of the UK's leading travel publishers.

The company produces Pocket Guides to more than 100 destinations around the world. There's information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, food, shopping, entertainment, children's activities, culture and art, as well as practical information, photographs, useful phrases and maps. It has just brought out Handbooks for seven countries - even more detailed guides with a wealth of practical information.

Tell me more ...
Berlitz also produces maps of more than 50 destinations - there are three kinds, depending on what you need. The pop-up city Pocket Maps list the top 10 sights, key phrases and recommended restaurants; the city or regional GuideMaps have information on attractions, eating out and getting around; and the regional Holiday Maps have information on the top 25 places to visit, town plans, photographs, recommended beaches and information on opening hours, traffic regulations and the emergency services. The company also publishes Day and Night maps of six cities, which show museums, galleries, shops and cafes for the daytime, and restaurants, bars, theatres and clubs for the evening, as well as regional motoring maps of France and Italy. 

The European Food and Drink Guide lists menu items and restaurant phrases in 11 languages, and gives information about the cuisine in different countries; the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships is a 696-page tome comparing more than 270 cruise ships. The Business Travel Guide Europe provides information about 38 European countries for business travellers. Visas, vaccinations, climate, currency, banking, the economy and telecommunications are all covered, along with cultural and business practices, tourist attractions, transport, entertainment, eating out and even how to use a laptop.

Who are Berlitz?
The Berlitz method of language teaching was pioneered in the late 19th century by Maximilian Berlitz, and Berlitz International now runs 400 language schools around the world. The principles of the method are that only the target language is spoken in class, all the teachers are native speakers, and the emphasis is on speaking and listening, with no formal grammar teaching. In addition to the maps and guidebooks, Berlitz Publishing produces phrasebooks in more than 30 languages, dictionaries, and self-study language courses for adults and children. 

Who are Berlitz travel guides aimed at?
Everyone. The maps are suitable if you're just having a few days' break, the Pocket Guides tell you more if you're spending a bit longer or just want something more comprehensive, and the Handbooks have even more information, especially if you're spending several weeks or months abroad. The Pocket Guides are also sold in French under the name Guides de Voyage, and foreign language editions of the European Food and Drink Guide are available.