Good To Go Park and Ride T5 Heathrow

Northern Perimeter Road, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex TW6 2QE

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5 minutes
to the airport
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Choose Good to Go Park and Ride at terminal 5 for budget-friendly Heathrow Parking

5-minute transfers, award-winning security and a low price tag - 3 good reasons why you should book Good to Go Park and Ride for Heathrow Terminal 5. Not to mention it's our only on-airport park and ride service, and being located within the grounds of Heathrow makes it super easy to find. Compared to what you would pay on the day, Holiday Extras can offer you up to 60% off if you pre-book your space, and the earlier you book the more you'll save.

When you arrive at the car park, your numberplate will immediately be recognised by the barrier, so you can head on in to find a space. Once you've parked, just hop onto the Orange Long Stay transfer bus - you'll be at the terminal in just 5 minutes. Good to Go Park and Ride at terminal 5 holds the police-accredited Park Mark award for its outstanding security features, so you know you're in good hands. On your return, catch the bus from Bus Stop 21 back to the car park and you car will be waiting right where you left it.

Compared to our other Heathrow Car Parks, this is a particularly good option for customers who want to park their own car close by to the airport.

Reasons to book Good To Go Park And Ride T5

  • An affordable, on-airport car park only 5 minutes from Terminal 5 - what more could you want?
  • Transfers are included in the price, so you'll have more money for your holiday.
  • Award-winning security with 24-hour CCTV and regular patrols let you know your car is in good hands.
  • You get to keep your keys, keeping you in control.

Arrival at Good To Go Park And Ride T5

The car park has automatic number plate recognition, so make sure you give us your car registration number when you book.
At the entry barrier, the machine will read and recognise your registration number, give you a ticket and lift automatically. Keep the ticket with you as you'll need it when you get back. Then, drive in and park in a space. It's a good idea to make a note of the zone and row you've parked in on your ticket, along with the nearest bus stop to make it easier to find your car when you get back. Then, just wait at the bus stop for the Orange Long Stay transfer bus and you'll be at check-in in around 5 minutes. If you're arriving between 23:30 and 05:30, you'll need to press the button at the barrier to get a transfer. If you have any problems, press the button at the barrier for help.

Getting to and from Heathrow airport

Arriving at the car park:

Drive to the car park. The barrier will scan your number plate and open to let you in.

Choose a space and park. You keep your keys so your car will stay where you leave it while you’re away.

When it’s time to leave, board the Orange Long Stay bus to the terminal. It runs every 10 minutes takes around 5 to reach the terminal.

Returning to the car park:

After you land catch the bus from bus stop 21 and head back to the car park.

Pick up your car and drive home. The barriers should open automatically for you.

On your return to Good To Go Park And Ride T5

Once you've landed back in the UK, you'll need to head to Bus Stop 21 just outside the arrivals hall and hop on a bus back to the car park. The bus runs every 10 minutes between 05:30 and 23:30. Outside of these hours, you'll need to use the intercom at the bus stop to get the transfer bus.

Once you're at the car park, drive to the exit barrier, insert the ticket you were given when you first arrived and the barrier will lift and you're off home!

If you have problems, just head to the Customer Service office by the exit with your ticket and reference number.

To request a pick up during off-peak periods, use the Yellow courtesy courtesy phone and dial 656272 or call 020 8745 to let the car park know which terminal you are at.

More information

There are parking bays for Blue Badge holders near the bus stops and the transfer buses are wheelchair-accessible.

Transfers between 23:30 and 05:30 run when needed only, so if you need to get from the airport to the car park between these times, call the car park and the transfer bus will come and get you.

There is a height limit of 2.4m and trailers and panel sided vehicles are not allowed. If a vehicle takes more than one space, the car park may charge for two spaces.

Parking prices are calculated in 24-hour blocks, starting from the time you arrive at the car park. If you park for more days than you booked, the car park will charge you for the extra days at its normal rate when you come back. If you leave the car park early, unfortunately we can't give you a refund.

You must provide the car park with your vehicle details and flight information before you arrive.

As this is a special low rate package, you won't be able to change or cancel your booking.

The car park is closed for arrivals between 00:00 and 04:00.

Good To Go Park And Ride T5 Address

Northern Perimeter Road,
Heathrow Airport,

Longitude -0.47406
Latitude    51.47964

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 16-02-2018 untill the 23-02-2018, valid as of 17-12-2017

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