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London City Airport Hotels

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Compare the best London City airport hotels from £210.00

Beat the early start and book yourself a cheap London City airport hotel. The traffic jams and stress will seem a million miles away as you take the short journey from the hotel to the airport. No matter
what you are looking for, be it a comfortable bed, pure convenience or delicious food, Holiday Extras has it covered.

No matter what your budget, you will be more than pleased with a stay at the Novotel London Excel. Located close to London City airport, its 4-star luxury ensures a comfortable stay where you can pamper yourself in the sauna or use the fitness centre. With breathtaking views of the Royal Victoria Dock, this is a great hotel to kick-start your holiday.

London City airport hotels customers' rating: 68% (17 reviews) .

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Novotel London Excel
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Our London City airport hotels are rated 68% by 17 guests

The Novotel London Excel

London City Novotel

A superb stay at a great price Your stay at the Novotel London Excel will be one of luxury and convenience. When flying from London City airport the Novotel London Excel is the perfect base, being only just over two miles from London City airport. No matter if you are travelling on business or leisure you will find something of interest at the Novotel London Excel, with wi-fi available in all rooms and a fitness centre and sauna available for relaxing in.

London City airport hotel family rooms are excellent at the Novotel London Excel, with late check-out on Sundays, a balanced children's menu and play areas for all ages. The Novotel London Excel is relaxing for parents as it is exciting for children, a great stay for a great price awaits you.

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A great hotel at London City airport

London City parking

Your stay at the Novotel London Excel allows you to arrange your own airport parking. Choose from a great selection of parking at London City airport with Holiday Extras. Your options are the London City On Airport Long Stay or the London City Airport Short Stay, both offering convenient parking within walking distance of the terminal. The decision is yours based upon the length of time you are planning to be away for your holiday.

London City airport hotels without parking: We appreciate that not everyone drives to the airport, and that's why we sell hotel rooms that don't include a parking booking. These are a great idea if you have booked your transport to the airport by coach or rail or simply want to sort out your own parking. Remember though that booking your airport parking through Holiday Extras can save you as much as 60% compared with the gate price. These really are savings too good to miss.