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Holidays should be easy going - and it doesn't get much easier than Long Stay Car Park 1. Not only is it the closest long stay car park to the terminal at Cardiff airport - just five minutes' walk in fact - they also run a free shuttle bus if you want to save your feet. The car park has tip-top security too, including CCTV, regular staff patrols and entry and exit barriers. So not only is it easy going, you get to rest easy while you're away too.

Our customers rated Long Stay 1 on average 9/10 (1076 reviews). Read Long Stay 1 reviews.

A special low-rate on an affordable option, just 5 minutes from the terminal.

If you're looking for a car park that's close to the airport but won't break the bank, Cardiff's Long Stay 1 could be your perfect match. Just a 5-minute walk from the terminal, you get to choose your space, park your car and keep your keys, so you stay in complete control.

When you arrive, just pull up to the barrier, the cameras will recognise your number plate and the barrier will raise. Park and keep hold of your keys, then it's just a 5-minute stroll to the terminal.

While you're away, your car will be kept safe in the secured car park. Long Stay 1 has entry and exit barriers and CCTV in use, as well as regular staff patrols for your added peace of mind.

When you get back, it's just as simple. Just make your way back to the car park and find your car. Drive to the barrier, wait for it to lift and you're free to drive home!

Enjoy a cheap rate and our closest Long Stay car park to the terminal when you book today.

Hints, tips and extra bits:

If you're delayed coming back, you'll need to pay for the extra parking before you leave at the car park's normal rate. The amount youll be charged will be based on the calculated difference tracked by the cameras at the car park and will display on the screen by the exit barrier.

Unfortunately, if you come back early, we can't give you a refund on any time that you've not used.

As this is a special low-rate package, you won't be able to change or cancel your booking.

Long Stay Car Park 1 has designated Blue Badge bays located near a special assistance shelter and are easily accessible.

Booking confirmations can be printed or shown on your phone or device.

Getting to and from Cardiff airport

Arriving at the car park:

When you reach the car park the cameras will recognise your number plate and the barrier will raise.

Drive in and find a space to park your car, then you just need to walk for 5 minutes to the terminal. Youll keep hold of your keys while youre away.

Returning to the car park:

When you return simply walk back to the car park and pick up your car. The barrier will rise automatically on your way out, allowing you to start the drive home.

Cardiff Long Stay 1 Address

Long Stay Car Park 1,
Cardiff airport,
CF62 3BD

Longitude -3.33480
Latitude    51.39938