Quick Park at Dublin Airport

Old Airport Road, Cloghran, Dublin, Ireland

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If you're looking for speedy transfers at a reliable car park, then Quick Park at Dublin Airport is for you. Simply drive to the barrier, take a ticket and park your car. Then, hop on the transfer bus and you'll be at the terminal in 5 minutes. Best of all, the bus is included in the price! As you get to keep your keys with you when you go, your car will be kept exactly where you left it while you're away and you'll know exactly where it is when you get back.

If you want to stay in control, but don't want waste time waiting this is the Dublin airport parking for you.

Reasons to book Quick Park

  • Fast transfers will have you at the airport in 5 minutes!
  • The car park has CCTV and 24-hour patrols, so you know your car is in good hands.
  • Save money on transfers - they are included in the price!

Arrival at Quick Park

Long before you arrive, you'll be sent a parking voucher from Quick Park by email. Make sure you print out and take this Quick Park voucher with you as well as these instructions.

When you get to Quick Park, hold the square pattern up to the barrier where the signs show you. The barrier will read the code and let you in. Choose any available space - there are marked spaces for drivers with mobility issues, but please only park in these if you are a registered "blue badge" holder. You can keep hold of your keys and your car won't be moved before you get back.

When you're ready, follow the signs to the bus stop. The bus runs every five minutes and takes just another five to get to the terminal. Just show your parking voucher to the driver when you get on and you won't be charged for the journey. When you arrive, look for the signs for Departures and follow them to the lift upstairs to level 1, where you can check in.

Getting to and from Dublin airport

The car park runs a bus to both terminals every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. The journey takes 5 minutes and your ticket is included in the package. The bus drops you off at the bus stop outside the terminal and there's even a lift to take you up to departures. You'll be able to get take the bus even if you have mobility issues and there is a lowered door and space for a wheelchair.

When you get back, just head down to where the bus stops outside Terminal 1 and they will take you back to the car park. Again, your ticket is included.

On your return to Quick Park

When you've collected your luggage, take the lift back down to the bus stops and wait for the Quick Park bus in "Zone 9". Again, the bus runs every five minutes and takes just five minutes to get to the car park. If you have your voucher, you won't be charged for the bus ride.

Back at the car park, you'll find your car where you left it. Drive to the barrier, hold your voucher up to it again and you'll be free to drive home.

Quick Park Address

Old Airport Road,

Longitude -6.23969
Latitude    53.41563

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 18-04-2018 untill the 25-04-2018, valid as of 16-02-2018

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