Five Ways to Get Through Airport Security Fast

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Your case is packed, and you've remembered your passport (phew), so now there's just one thing standing between you and your holiday - airport security. We all know it's necessary, but we also all know it's a pain in the bum. We've taken a look at five ways to make it that bit quicker.

1. Have Your Documents Ready

You know you're going to need them, so have your boarding pass and passport ready well in advance. Sounds like an obvious one, but do this and prepare to sail past others fumbling around in their bags for documents.

2. Arrive Early

We all know we should be punctual at the best of times, but in airports, it definitely cuts down on a lot of stress. If you're the kind of person who likes to leave everything until the last minute, be prepared for long airport security lines. Arriving that bit earlier means it'll be less busy, and more importantly, more duty-free shopping time!


3. Wear Easily Removable Clothing

Layering up is a good tactic to make sure you don't get stuck at airport security. You'll often be asked to remove items of clothing (nothing too revealing!), so be prepared. Remember that you'll often have to remove belts and jewellery, so if you can avoid these, do. You'll often have to remove shoes, so wear a pair that are easy to get on and off - laces aren't the best choice!

4. Have Properly Packed Hand Luggage

Having an organised carry on bag is crucial to getting through security as quickly as possible. If they see something in your bag that they think needs investigating, don't forget that everything is going to get pulled out, and putting it all back in is going to take up precious holiday time. Make sure that there's nothing in your carry on that isn't allowed, including:

·Liquids (over 100ml)



·More than 1 cigarette lighter

Make sure that all of your liquids are in plastic bags, and to be completely sure, buy travel sized items or containers. Remember that if you're carrying a laptop, it may be scanned separately, so either carry it in a separate bag or put it at the top of your hand luggage so that it's easy to get to. Wrap wires up neatly so airport officials can get a clear view inside your bag. Make sure you take your mobile phone and anything other electronic devices out so they can also go through the machine.

{Check out our Packing Tips page for helpful packing guides.}

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5. Get a Fast Track Pass

If all else fails and you really can't bear waiting in line at airport security, get a Fast Track pass. First and business class passengers sometimes get these, but they can also be bought for economy class passengers. To find out more and purchase your Fast Track pass, visit Holiday Extras.

When you're itching to board the plane and enter warmer climates, standing in queues in the last thing you want to be doing, but follow these guidelines and you'll be through in a jiffy. Once you're through, all that's left to do is enjoy a spot of shopping, buckle up and get your holiday started.

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