Ant Clarke Cowell

Associate Communications Director

When Ant's father was sales director at Holiday Extras in the 1990's he invited his son Ant to come to the office and help him to pack some boxes. After two weeks, Ant started working in the contact centre - moving quickly to be part of the first team leader group.

Ant's next step with Holiday Extras was to work with the commercial team as a commercial executive. His negotiating skills soon brought him to work as a contracts manager and then Ant became head of commercial for hotels.

At the end of 2011, Ant stepped into the position of Associate Merchandising Director, then to Associate Communications Director in May 2013 - a title that reflected a broader task that looks after brand and messaging alongside a focus on merchandising and PR.

Life before Holiday Extras

Ant was educated at the Harvey Grammar School for boys in Folkestone and went on to study for a degree at Leicester University in American Studies. He says: "There's nothing I don't know about Disney, Coca Cola or Elvis now..!"

Life outside of work

Ant enjoys the good and simple life - spending time with his family and friends.. with two dogs that keep him very busy! Ant is a prolific reader - anything from modern fiction, fantasy fiction, classic fiction to history books and biography. He's a word-lover and admires people who can use a lexicon of simple narrative to convey complex emotion or drive a narrative. A self-confessed geek; he reads imported American comic books and graphic novels and plays a lot of designer board games as well as games on his PS4, iphone or ipad - he admits that he's obsessed with Apple products: " house is like a shrine to the part eaten Apple."

What's your perfect hassle-free holiday?

Lounging by a pool in the hot sunshine with a beer in one hand, a book in the other and surrounded by the people I love.


I pluck inspiration from all around me. However, I always return to the two sources of inspiration that have never let me down: The first is my dad, who is my mentor, my advocate and my critic. The second great source of inspiration for me is the words and music of the genius that is Bob Dylan.