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3 and 4 Star Manchester Airport Hotels

Manchester airport Bewleys

We offer a host of 3 and 4-star Manchester airport hotels. Star ratings are designed to give you an idea of what to expect from each hotel. It's a quick way to gauge how much the hotel will cost and what facilities it'll have. A 4-star Manchester airport hotel, for example, may cost a little more, but it'll have the most luxurious rooms and best facilities.

Our 3-star Manchester airport hotels are our best-priced, but will have less leisure facilities than their 4-star counterparts. Our 4-star Manchester airport hotels feature facilities such as conference rooms, restaurants and bars, internet access, saunas and fitness centres. The Radisson SAS at Manchester airport, for example, has the full suite of facilities, including a swimming pool, and is directly linked to all three terminals. An overnight stay at the Radisson can be booked for as little as £114.00 for room only.

A Manchester Menzies Pinewood Room

3-star Manchester airport hotels

We sell a range of 3-star Manchester airport hotels. Hotels such as the Britannia Country House Manchester airport, Swallow Bower hotel Manchester airport, Manchester airport Premier Inn and Travelodge Manchester airport provide excellent value when staying near the airport. Our 3-star Manchester airport hotels certainly don't compromise on their facilities either. The Bowdon Hotel at Manchester airport has facilities - such as a swimming pool - that you'd expect from a 4 or 5-star hotel.

4-star Manchester airport hotels

When you step up to our 4-star Manchester airport hotels, you may be paying a little extra, but you'll be treated to another level of luxury. Our 4-star hotels include names such as the Manchester airport Hilton, Marriott at Manchester airport, Manchester airport Menzies Pinewood, Manchester airport Crowne Plaza and Manchester airport Etrop Grange.

Radisson SAS Manchester airport

For the utmost in convenience and service, the Radisson SAS Hotel at Manchester airport will be the hotel for you. Connected to all three terminals by a covered walkway, it features the Phileas Fogg restaurant with large glass windows and panoramic views of the airport.

The Radisson also has a swimming pool, room service, conference facilities and wireless internet access.

Undercover Manchester airport hotels

If you want to save a little extra money on your booking, we also offer 3 and 4-star Undercover Hotels. An Undercover Hotel is one where you won't know the identity of the hotel until after you've made your booking. By keeping the identity of the hotel secret, we're able to offer a much lower price than usual.