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Remove hassle from the airport experience

Forget holiday hassle with a Gatwick hotels-by-coach package

Sleep all the way to the airport and let someone else take care of the journey when you catch a coach to your hotel for the night. We're all about hassle-free travel and there's no better way to get to have a great night's sleep before a holiday than in an airport hotel, especially if someone else drives you right to the front door.

Take the coach home as well - it's not just for before your holiday

Been away in sunnier climes and a different time zone? Faced with arriving back in Britain in what feels like middle of the night followed by a long drive home from the airport? Well if you take the coach home then there's no need to worry about driving tired and you'll even be able to catch up on some sleep.

Where to stay at Gatwick?

Easily the most hassle-free option for staying at the airport before a flight is to book a room in one of our Gatwick hotels connected directly to the terminal building. We can help you find a room in the Gatwick Sofitel at the north terminal and the Hilton Gatwick at the south terminal. However if four-star luxury isn't for you and you just want a quieter, more affordable room for the night then we also offer a range of off-airport hotels such as the Russ Hill at Gatwick and the Express by Holiday Inn Gatwick.

An airport lounge at Gatwick airport - the perfect way to chill out before a flight

How does access to complimentary drinks, free snacks, comfortable chairs, flight information screens, newspapers and magazines, entertainment and just a little bit of peace and quiet sound? Well all of this is readily available in our Gatwick airport lounges. We can reserve you a space in one of four lounges, a choice of two at the south terminal and two in the north terminal.

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