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Peace of mind for your business tech when you add gadget cover to your travel insurance policy

Do I need gadget travel insurance?

Travelling for business? Whatever your industry, you probably rely on several gadgets and bits of tech. Whether it’s for laptops, mobile phones or digital cameras, you'll need the best travel insurance policy to provide comprehensive protection for them. Book Holiday Extras' gadget travel insurance to ensure you and your equipment are protected.

Why a Holiday Extras gadget cover policy is the right choice for travel insurance for business trips

Holiday Extras offers three competitively priced cover levels, to suit your requirements:

Gadget Cover Levels

Benefit Gadget Cover 1 Gadget Cover 2 Gadget Cover 3
Maximum sum insured Maximum sum insured Maximum sum insured
Accidental damage/Theft/Malicious damage/Loss £1,000 £2,000 £3,000
Single item/Pair/Set limit £500 £750 £1,000
Unauthorised usage £1,000 £1,000 £1,000

As a travelling business person, you might need to make regular trips. In which case, you can benefit from an annual policy, which offers our Premium level of protection throughout the entire year.

Booking your policy

Choosing your additional cover option is quick and easy. You can do so online or via our UK call centre. Simply fill in the quote form above to choose your cover level, then upgrade your policy to include gadget cover. Extra help and booking options are also available via our friendly call centre team.

Holiday Extras' competitive pricing helps you to keep to a budget, and our call centre support service can help you to book travel insurance for business with complete confidence.

Advice for business travellers

Research - Keeping to schedule is easier if you know the locality in which you are staying, so ensure that you understand where your hotel is in relation to your other destinations.

Exchange your cash - Find out what currency the country you are visiting trades in and change your sterling in advance to get the best rate.

Vaccinations - It's hard to do business when you're not at your best. Get vaccinated in advance to ensure that you are protected, and that any side effects from the inoculations have worn off.

Top cities for business

  • London - The UK's centrepiece is easily accessible, and it remains one of the world's booming business centres. London is also now one of the most multicultural megacities around.
  • New York - A traditional melting pot of finance, media, entertainment and fashion, landmarks like the Rockefeller Centre have made this city's skyline truly distinctive.
  • Hong Kong - Home to an impressive number of billionaires, Hong Kong has been at the heart of global business since the days when it was Britain's entrance into Asia.
  • Dubai - The go-to destination for businesses that want to break into the Middle East, Dubai's thriving economy is reflected in flagship projects like the stunning Palm Islands.
  • Campinas - Located in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, Campinas is one of the fastest growing cities in one of the planet's quickest growing economies.

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