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Health travel insurance

It's not always easy to find a holiday insurance policy that really suits your travelling needs, especially if you're suffering with a medical condition. Be sure to choose a provider that arranges generous medical cover for all situations, no matter how big or small - and wise up on the ins and outs of your policy agreement.

For those travelling with serious health concerns, you'll need to declare this as a pre-existing condition or speak to a member of our team; don't worry, we'll help you work out what needs to be declared.

Choosing Holiday Extras as your travel insurance provider

We've made sure that all of our travel insurance policies are fully stocked up with cover including medical costs, lost baggage and unforeseen cancellations.

You can choose from two policy types depending on how you like to travel. A single trip will cover you for one holiday of up to 365 days. However, if you intend to travel more than twice this year, you'd definitely benefit from our annual travel insurance policy. Our annual multi-trip policy provides the maximum levels of cover for unlimited trips across 12 months - just be sure each trip doesn't exceed the maximum number of days allowed on the cover level you choose!

  • Bronze: provides £1,000 cancellation cover per person, £5 million medical cover and £500 baggage protection.
  • Silver: offers £2,500 cancellation cover per person, £10 million for medical costs and baggage cover up to £1,500.
  • Gold: offers £5,000 per person for cancellations, £10 million for medical costs and £2,000 of baggage cover.
  • Platinum: offers £5,000 per person for cancellations, £10 million for medical costs and £2,000 of baggage cover and no excess to pay should you need to claim.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Premiums can increase much quicker than you expect once you've declared your medical condition. Nevertheless, it's important that you do! At Holiday Extras, we don't compromise your need for extra cover in exchange for a higher premium. Instead, we work closely alongside our underwriters to ensure every policy is tailored specifically to our customer's needs and at an affordable price.

Visit our medical conditions page to find out more about our travel insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Travel insurance for pregnant women

We can cover you for up to 32 weeks into your pregnancy under a regular policy, so there's no need to declare your pregnancy as a medical condition! We'd only advise you to do so if you have an existing condition or complication that could directly affect your pregnancy.

For more information, visit our pregnancy travel insurance page.

EHIC: European Health Insurance Card

If you plan to visit Europe, packed safely alongside your travel insurance policy should be your EHIC card. They work well together to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances that might occur throughout your trip. You might be tempted to rely on your EHIC card alone but, we'd always advise against this. There are some aspects of your trip that your EHIC can't cover you for such as mountain rescue, help getting home and private medical care! So it's always best to take both with you.

Visit our EHIC page for more information regarding the finer details of your European Health Insurance Card.

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