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Travelling with diabetes? Our insurance team has you covered.
Find a great policy online or call our Kent-based helpline on 0800 316 0104.

Find the right holiday insurance for travelling with diabetes

It's not always easy to find affordable and reliable travel insurance for diabetics. Unfortunately, many insurance providers hitch up your premiums at the mention of your diabetic status. At Holiday Extras, we've worked hard to ensure our medical travel insurance policies provide great value cover.

Holiday Extras Travel Insurance - Expert Rated by Defaqto

Holiday Extras Gold & Platinum policies have been rated 5 Star by Defaqto. This means our Gold & Platinum products provide one of the highest quality offerings on the market.

Choosing us as your insurance provider

Our insurance policies provide travel insurance for diabetics with no maximum age limit* suffering with a medical condition. Including both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, benefits include up to £10 million of medical cover, up to £10,000 of cancellation protection and a maximum of £2,000 lost baggage allowance.

We offer both single trip and annual travel insurance policies for diabetics on holiday in the UK, Europe and worldwide, and additional cover options for winter sports. Not to mention, you can purchase a policy to cover everyone in your party.

Booking your policy

Booking online is quick and easy. Enter your holiday details into our quote form above to be taken through our discreet medical screening. The questions aren't invasive, just so we have general information regarding your condition so we can find you the most affordable and comprehensive diabetic travel insurance policy. Want to actually speak to a person? Well, we have informed staff on hand waiting for your call. Once you've booked we're still just a call away through our UK based helpline.

Baggage cover

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but lost baggage cover is vital for travellers with diabetes. You'll need to carry a protective bag for your kit and medication everywhere you go, and we'll cover you for up to £2,000 if your bag gets lost or stolen.

Does type 2 diabetes affect travel insurance?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the body's cells are incapable of responding effectively. Because the body isn't able to effectively absorb glucose into the cells, it begins to use alternative sources of energy such as organ and muscle tissue.

Symptoms can include: dark patches on the skin, cuts and sores that are slow to heal, yeast infection, foot pain and numbness in the extremities.

If left untreated, type 2 diabetes can cause abnormally high blood sugar levels which can lead to serious, life-threatening complications.

Women with diabetes are at a quadruple risk of heart failure than women without the condition, and are twice as likely to have another heart attack after the first one.

For these reasons, depending on the nature and severity of your type 2 diabetes, you will find that the condition is likely to have an impact on your travel insurance policy. Because of the risk of complications potentially result from your diabetes, you may find that a higher premium will be required than someone travelling without the condition. Even so, it is always the wisest course of action to be honest when taking out a travel insurance policy. Declaring any medical conditions you have, will allow the insurer to issue a policy that won't be rendered invalid.

If you would like any more information or assistance about travelling as a diabetic, including the types of medicine and equipment that can be carried in your hand luggage, then have a read of our travelling with diabetes page to find out more.

Top tips for travelling with diabetes

  • Medication strengths and needle sizes may vary abroad, so it's always best to take your medicine with you. The British Diabetic Association recommends you take twice the amount that you need, just to be safe. Medication should be carried in your hand luggage as it may freeze in the airplane's hold, and you may prefer to take needles instead of injection pens as the latter can malfunction more easily. Air pressure in a plane or at high altitude can cause air bubbles to form in certain medication, so try pushing the needle's pump to remove any air from the medication before you inject.
  • Ask your doctor to write you a note confirming that you have diabetes and how you treat it, including which brand, strength and how much you use, to help get you through any problems at airport security or if you lose your medicine or equipment. You should also speak to your doctor about travel vaccinations as these can cause side effects in diabetes sufferers.
  • Hot weather or high altitude can cause certain medicaiton to absorb more quickly, so you should test your blood more regularly than you would at home. Remember to take time zones into account when planning your doses.
  • Do you get numbness in your feet? If so, you may be more susceptible to complications from sunburn, frostbite, fungal infections or swelling, so keep your feet covered, but not too tightly, at a reasonable temperature and dry. You could also try using a moisturiser to avoid the skin cracking.

Looking for travel insurance with a medical condition?

If you suffer from any other conditions, then be sure to visit our medical conditions page to find out more.

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*All ages are accepted on single trip policies only

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