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Cheap Caribbean travel insurance

When it comes to holidaying in the Caribbean, you're likely already spent a considerable amount on flights, accomodation and activities. The last thing you want is to have to pay a fortune on travel insurance. That's why Holidays Extras provide high quality, comprehensive travel insurance to the Caribbean at a reasonable price.

Choosing the right travel insurance for your Caribbean trip

To get the very best travel insurance cover, there are a number of things you'll need to consider. If you decide to book with Holiday Extras, remember to select the Worldwide cover option 'including USA, Canada and the Caribbean'

Single or Annual-multi trip?

First of all, you can decide whether you just want to take out a single trip policy, or if you'd prefer to go for an annual multi trip policy.

The advantage of taking out an annual multi trip policy is that you're covered for an unlimited number of trips during the 365 day period from the start of the policy. This means if you have a few more trips to the Caribbean or anywhere else planned within the next year, then you'll be covered, without having to take out another policy. Annual multi-trip policies can save a lot of time and money, so it's definitely worth getting one. Very often when travelling to the Caribbean, the cost of an annual multi-trip policy is more or less the same as one single trip policy meaning you wouldn't even need travel more than twice in one year for this cover to be very good value.

Water sports cover

The Caribbean is a popular destination for surfing, scuba-diving, snorkelling and other under water activities, so if you have anything like this planned, it's important to make sure that the policy you choose covers for water sports.

All of our policies include cover for 100+ sports with a variety of water sports

Thankfully, all holiday extras travel insurance policies come with cover for over 100 sports including water sports activities at no extra charge. Of course, there are certain types of extreme water sports that would require an additional premium for cover, so check out our extreme sports travel insurance page for more information.

Travel insurance for Caribbean cruise

Of course, another popular way to experience the Caribbean is to take a luxury cruise tour, stopping off at the major islands. If this is how you plan to visit the Caribbean, then you will of course need to look for a specialised cruise travel insurance policy for the Caribbean.

With Holidays Extras cruise travel insurance, you are covered for things like:

Missed port departure

Unused excursions

Cruise itenary change

Cabin confinement

When is the best time to go?

If you're looking to keep costs low, then it's generally cheaper to travel to the Caribbean during the off-season, which occurs between the mid-april to mid-november range. This season is also hurricane season however, so it's wise to weigh up the savings against what could potentially happen. If you do decide to travel to the Caribbean during hurricane season then of course, getting valid travel insurance is especially important as this way, you're protected against cancellations and end supplier failure due to natural disasters, which can often occur during this season.

All-inclusive or independant?

There is an ongoing debate as to which is truly the best way to holiday, some preferring to book packages through a travel-agent and others prefering to go completely independant.

Going all-inclusive for a holiday to the caribbean is certainly a popular approach simply because of the time saved on planning flights and activities and the potential savings on transportation costs and food. The advantage with going independant is of course that you have more freedom and control over your own travel arrangements and holiday plans. With positives and negatives to both approaches, it's really up to your preferences and what you expect to get out of your holiday.

Tips and tricks for the Caribbean

Blending in with the locals

  • Point...with your lips..? - In some places, like the Dominican Republic, you'll find that instead of using their finger to point at something, locals will point with their lips. This might appear a little comical for those not used it, but if you can master this little cultural quirk, you'll blend right in!
  • Make your pauses sound Spanish - There are many advantages to being able to speak the local language, but learning a language to the point of proficiency takes time and practice, and not all of us are gifted with linguistic prowess. Be that as it may, employing this simple trick will have you sounding like a well-adjusted native in no time, even if you only know a few basic phrases. When you need to pause for thought, instead of filling those pauses with english "umms", "hmmms" and "mmm's" try replacing these with a simply "eheh" or even better "este..." It may feel strange a first, but before long you'll have fooled even yourself into thinking you're a spanish speaker!

Things to AVOID in the Caribbean

Don't wear Khaki - Surprisingly, in islands like Barbados, it's illegal for anyone (including children) but the Barbados defence force to wear camoflague. The same law applies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, so it's best to leave those stylish khaki shorts behind when your travelling to anywhere in the Caribbean, just to be on the safe side.

Don't sit under a ripe cocunt tree - Yes, the impact of cocunut to skull can indeed be fatal so don't risk it!

Don't disturb the turtle nests - It is a criminal offence to disturb a nesting turtle, with fines and prison sentences imposed. Most normal people will of course have no desire to deliberately disturb these peaceful creatures, but it's best to be aware of the law so you can be sure not to break it even accidentally.

Beach fires aren't allowed - Sadly, it's against the law to light a fire on the beach in the Caribbean - so no beach bonfires parties unfortunately...

Places to visit in the Caribbean

Bequia in St.Vincent and the Grenadines - One of the 32 islands that make up the Grenadines, Bequia is a little tricky to get to and because of that, it's a lot less well-developed compared to the other Caribbean islands. However, if your choosing to stay here, you'll experience the real, unfiltered Caribbean charm.

Barbados - With some beautiful botanical gardens, historical buildings and turtle watching - Barbados offers the perfect blend of history, culture, and paradisean bliss.

Dominican Republic - With a varied terrain of highlands, rain forests and Savannahs, and boasting the tallest mountian in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is well worth a visit. Known for it's top class golfing resorts, it's the perfect retreat for fans of the sport.