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Travel Insurance with Gadget cover? We can help.

Losing a smartphone or tablet in today's digital age can seriously cripple holiday, business and leisure plans. Getting travel insurance with gadget cover that's useful and dependable should be a priority. Here's how to get the most out of your gadget cover, should you lose your trusty tech while away...

Loss, Theft, Damage and Delay cover

Before making a claim, be sure to provide a police report obtained within 24 hours of the incident, as well as some suitable proof of ownership. This way, you can get the full benefits of your gadget cover.

If you are unable to provide a police report or proof of ownership, don't lose heart - some insurers may still offer a certain amount of compensation on lost devices.

When making a claim, remember that the amount you can receive in compensation will be scaled to the real-time value of your item before the incident - taking into account any previous wear and tear.

Gadgets lost by the airline

It can be particularly frustrating when your possessions are lost in airline baggage handling malfunctions. This is were many travellers come unstuck, as some insurers regard losses in this context as outside of their responsibility, with-holding cover. Before you take out any gadget cover, or travel insurance with gadget cover added, it's important to make sure that your insurer will cover you in instances where the airline loses your possessions.

Should your gadgets become lost in transit, you will be eligible for a claim. All you need to do, is notify the airline as soon as possible and obtain a property irregularity report.

Making a claim: Things to Remember

Police report - If your devices are stolen, then you will need to obtain a police report within 24 hours of the incident, detailing the circumstances of the theft, with an appropriate crime reference number.

Property Irregularity Report - If your device is lost while in the custody of an airline or handling agency, make sure you obtain an official property irregularity report within 24 hours of the incident.

Proof of ownership - It's important to have proof of ownership handy, such as a receipt detailing your purchase. Don't worry if you can't find any suitable evidence of ownership, as in this case, we may still be able to cover you, up to £200.

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Keeping your gadgets safe

Remembering these basic precautions can go a long way in ensuring your expensive gadgets and tech remain where you want them to be - in your possession!

  • Don't leave devices unattended - Try to avoid leaving your expensive devices unattended in public places. If you leave a device in a vehicle, make sure it is securely locked in the boot, out of sight.
  • Back-up important files - To avoid the upset of losing treasured photos and important documents, be sure to back-up all files before and during your trip. Not all countries have consistent, reliable internet coverage. In this case, there's nothing wrong with going 'back to basics', bringing along a portable hard-drive or empty CDs to burn files onto.
  • Get a laptop bag - Investing in a good quality, purpose-made carrying case will greatly reduce the likelihood of you breaking or misplacing your device. If you'll be doing a lot of roaming during your holiday, then it's a good idea to get a bag with arm straps and a breathable mesh backing to keep your back cool and your hands free.
  • Get an iPad case - Every year, airlines report hundreds of unclaimed iPads. Since it's difficult to distinguish between iPads - given their uniform appearance - purchasing a distinctive case can help when it comes to identifying your device.
  • Find my iPhone, iPad and Mac - For those of you with Apple products, this handy service allows you to track and lock down your device from anywhere in the world using iCloud.

What do I receive with Holiday Extras gadget cover?

With Holiday Extras optional gadget cover, you receive a number of benefits including cover for lost, stolen and damaged devices, as well as for replacement

Our gadget cover includes:

  • Lost, stolen, or damaged devices - Receive up to £3,000 cover for accidental damage, loss or theft of your laptops, smartphones, tablets and smart watches.
  • Hired replacement equipment - £50 for every 24 hour period you are without your device and must use a hired replacement.

Looking to insure a specific device?

Find out more about how best to insure your devices.

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