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Holiday insurance for long term stays

Our long stay holiday insurance policies provide up to 365 days cover so there's plenty of time to explore!

If you're heading overseas and don't plan on returning anytime soon - we'd say two months or longer - it might be wise to secure a long term holiday insurance policy to keep your finances protected.

Our travel insurance is delightfully cost effective because we always take your destination into account. It's important to let us know whether you need a policy that is inclusive or exclusive of the USA - it can mean a smaller price to pay! With such high medical costs in the USA, exclusive policies can often be cheaper.

Choosing Holiday Extras as your travel insurance provider

We have two types of policies suitable for long term travels and three levels of cover to suit how much cover you'll need for your trip. Whether you're travelling within the UK, Europe or worldwide, every policy provides cover for medical treatment, cancellation costs, personal possessions and lost luggage.

If you've planned one holiday this year, a single trip travel insurance policy is your best choice. With up to 365 days covered, you can explore your destinations for up to a whole year!

Or perhaps you are a more frequent traveller. If so we recommend you purchase an annual travel insurance policy. If you are likely to travel more than twice a year, it is the most cost-effective way to insure your travels. By using an annual multi-trip policy, you are entitled to cover for unlimited trips across 12 months, given that each trip does not exceed the number days allowed by the cover level you have chosen.

Levels of cover

With your budget in mind, we have a level of cover to suit every traveller to their journey. Each providing high levels of financial protection and a 24/7 emergency contact team, so we won't be compromising on your cover.

  • Bronze: £1,000 of cancellation cover per person, £5 million for medical costs and £500 for baggage.
  • Silver: £2,500 of cancellation cover, £10 million of medical cover and £1,500 in baggage cover.
  • Gold: offers £5,000 cancellation cover per person, with £10 million medical cover and £1,500 baggage cover.
  • Platinum cover offers the same levels of cover as you'll find in the Gold policy but without the excesses.

Booking your policy

You can book your long stay travel insurance policy online or via our UK-based call centre. Simply fill in the details form above to retrieve a quote and pick a policy. If you'd rather make your payment over the phone, we can do that too. Call us for free to speak to one of our insurance experts.

Additional cover

It's important to know what you are covered for, but it is equally important to know what your cover doesn't include! We have a winter sports cover available, protecting all of your hired ski equipment and providing avalanche cover. There's also cover options available for cruise holidays, and even wedding travel insurance too! So whatever exciting plans you've made to boost your travels, make sure you've got the best travel insurance policy to match.

Receiving your holiday insurance policy

No matter how many policies you print and misplace, there will always be a copy safely tucked in your email inbox. With this in mind, it's important you provide us with the correct email address if you're booking online or via our call centre. If you'd prefer, you can receive your travel documents by post. Simply call our free and friendly UK call centre to speak to one of our team.

Remember to keep a printed version of your travel insurance policy with you whilst travelling.

Cancelling your policy

You can cancel your long term travel insurance policy within 14 days of purchasing your booking. In return, we can fully refund your payment. If your cancellation falls outside of this time period then whilst it is still possible to cut ties with your policy but unfortunately we are not able to provide a refund.

Travel insurance with medical conditions

With potentially a higher need for medical assistance abroad, a medical condition doesn't always cost you a higher premium. Our insurance experts are on-hand to provide a tailored medical policy that is individual to your holiday and your condition. Given that you have disclosed all medical conditions at the time of booking - including the conditions you've successfully defeated- we can provide fully holiday insurance on both a single trip and annual basis.

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