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Travel Insurance for New York

There's no shortage of things to do in New York, the world's most iconic metropolis. By arranging travel insurance to New York with Holiday Extras, you can enjoy the sights and attractions, safe in the knowledge that your entire group is protected by our generous and reliable cover.

Choosing the best travel insurance policy for you:

At Holiday Extras, we like to apply a hassle-free approach to supplying you with the best and cheapest travel insurance for your New York getaway. Taking out a travel insurance premium is imperative wherever you go, but absolutely essential if you're heading States-side as the U.S. is a certainly not a place you don't want to get caught out through risking it!

When you book our worldwide travel insurance you'll be able to choose from four policy levels with varying cover:

£500 of baggage cover
£1,500 of baggage cover
£2,000 of baggage cover
£2,000 of baggage cover
£1,000 of cancellation cover
£2,5000 of cancellation cover
£5,000 of cancellation cover
£5,000 of cancellation cover
£5 million of medical cover
£10 million of medical cover
£10 million of medical cover
£10 million of medical cover
£150 excess charge
£100 excess charge
£50 excess charge
£0 excess charge
£500 cover for personal
money, passport, gadget cover
and wedding cover

We understand completely that holidays are times to take a step back from the daily grind of normal working life and for you to enter full relaxation mode. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents or unforeseen scenarios arise where you require medical attention. Unlike European countries with the EHIC (that nifty card where Brits are entitled to the same healthcare as locals), the United States has no such nationalised health care plan for visitors, and as a result health care is incredibly expensive — for nationals and tourists alike — if you haven't taken out travel insurance.

We intend for the build-up to your flight to be completely stress-free through our policies including differing cancellation cover. If you need medical attention for declared medical conditions or unforeseen medical expenses, our cover can help to negate the USA's high premiums.

Single or Annual trip?

Our single trip policy lasts up to 365 days and must start and end in the UK. Our annual cover allows you to take multiple trips over the year with the premium level of protection, and groups who live together can benefit from annual policies which do not require them to travel together. Whichever direct or referral policy level you select, children aged under 18 can also find affordable cover.

If you're under 18 and looking for an annual policy, you'll need to travel with an adult.

Booking your policy

The booking process is nice and easy, simply fill in our insurance quote form above to choose a policy. We strongly implore you to declare any pre-existing medical conditions (if any) to ensure your medical travel insurance is entirely valid should anything happen to you while away.

Tips for New York travel:

Currency: It is advisable to convert your pounds to US dollars in advance, to get the best rate. If you need more cash you'll find banks and moneychangers throughout New York.

Visa: British travellers may be able to fly into New York on a reciprocal visa-waiver programme, but ordinarily a US visa from a consulate or embassy is required for entry.

Valuables: Crime rates in New York have decreased significantly in recent years, but when visiting bustling attractions like Times Square be sure to keep your valuables secure as with any tourist destination, pickpocketing is rife. Common sense and caution is always advised and never misplaced when you're visiting a new destination!

Top things to do in New York

  • Experience the glamour and excitement of a show on Broadway, with Hamilton, Cats and Phantom to choose from!
  • Get a taste of the 'Big Apple' — whether it's from a Michelin star restaurant or a charismatic street pizza stand, you'll definitely leave NYC without any food-related regrets!/li>
  • Times Square, known as the 'Crossroads of the World', offers boutique shopping and a thriving atmosphere in Midtown Manhattan. Or head to Staten Island to visit the Statue of Liberty, an iconic figure for immigrants throughout history, symbolising the core value of freedom associated with the United States.
  • If you fancy going further afield, why not hire a car or take the train to see Niagara Falls, three stunning waterfalls renowned for their colossal natural beauty.

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