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Take care of your wedding day and all of those finer details with one fully comprehensive travel insurance policy from Holiday Extras

Booking travel insurance for your wedding

Weddings can be expensive and if you plan to tie the knot abroad, then it is important to provide your big day with a financial safety net. Our travel insurance offers wedding cover to provide extra protection to save your wedding day should anything go wrong.

Our wedding cover is available with our Gold & Platinum cover insurance. So from just £11.05 you can safeguard your big day, whilst also getting everything else you would expect from an ordinary travel insurance policy.

What's included?

  • £250 per person for wedding rings - Should any of the couples' rings be lost, stolen or damaged, we can cover the costs to replace or repair them.
  • £750 per couple for reasonable additions - For example, if your photographer is unable to attend due to sickness or simply goes AWOL, we'll pick up the bill.
  • £1,000 per couple for wedding presents - We will replace any of your lovely gifts should they be lost or damaged.
  • £1,500 per couple for wedding attire - If disaster strikes and the dress is jeopardised, don't panic about the finances - we've got you covered.

Wedding abroad insurance advice

As everyone knows, weddings often involve considerable monetary expense. For this reason, if you're planning a wedding abroad, taking out a normal travel insurance policy may not be enough to cover all the expenses, should something not go according to plan. Taking out a specialised wedding travel insurance policy will see that that all the important elements of your wedding are protected, including rings, dresses, wedding gifts, photographs and photography services.

Holiday Extras provide wedding cover when you take out a Gold or Platinum level policy. The wedding travel insurance cover includes cover for wedding dresses, suits, shoes, make-up and flowers all bought especially for the bride and groom on their wedding day. You will also receive cover for wedding gifts which are sent before the journey or received during the trip, as well as cover for the bride and groom's wedding rings.

If you are planning to get married abroad and are looking for a wedding travel insurance policy

Getting married abroad can be a clever way to save money on a wedding, whilst making the whole occasion a lot more memorable. Dealing with the legal side of things can be a little tricky though. Here are some of the things you'll need to consider, if you're planning to get married abroad.

First of all, bear in mind that the marriage will need to be legally recognised both in the UK and the country in which the marriage is taking place. You'll also need some specific legal documents such as:

  • Full birth certificates
  • Certificate of no impediment
  • Single status declaration
  • Passports with at least 6 months validity left

If you are divorced, you'll also need a 'Decree Absolute', and if you are widowed, you'll need the death certificate of the deceased spouse as well as the marriage certificate from the previous marriage.

Be sure to bring originals of all the necessary documents. You'll also need to be aware that some countries will have a 'minimum residency period' which means you and you're prospective spouse will have had to have been in the country a set number of days before you can go ahead with the wedding.

Additional cover

Alongside our wedding cover, we have further options available so you can customise your policy to include winter sports, cruise and business cover.

Do you have a medical condition?

If you have a pre-existing condition then be sure to declare all. Simply complete our booking form above so we can customise your medical insurance policy to ensure you're fully covered. Powered by Holiday Extras, we work together so you set off with the right holiday insurance.

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