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Extreme Sports Travel Insurance for action-packed adventures

If you're constantly seeking adventures and plan on taking part in some seriously adrenaline-fuelled sports on holiday, you might be interested in ensuring you're covered with extreme sports travel insurance.

We cover sports like zip-lining and water skiing, to more extreme winter sports like snowboarding to really get the blood pumping. Whatever the activity, it is extreme-ly (see what we did there) important to secure yourself the right cover for you and your kit which is suitable for high-risk sports and to protect you in the case of an emergency.

Your travel insurance policy is crammed with cover for over 100 extreme sports and activities. So there's no reason to hesitate: jump straight into your venture. However, bear in mind that there will be some extra hazardous sports excluded from your policy because of their naturally higher risk — but that doesn't always mean we won't cover you.

Please note: our travel insurance policies do not offer cover for competitive sports or any sporting competitions

extreme sports

Compare extreme sports travel insurance

We have four levels of cover for you to choose from. Our policies are flexible to suit how you like to travel, whether it be a single trip or an annual travel insurance policy. Depending on where you're travelling to, the region of your policy will reflect your chosen destination. The regions we supply cover are the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and worldwide. If you are uncertain which region your destination falls under, you can simply type it into the search bar above.

All of our policies include medical costs and cancellation cover, lost baggage and personal possessions cover, and a 24/7 emergency claim team on hand for support when you need it most.

Baggage cover
Cancellation cover
Medical cover
£5 million
£10 million
£10 million
£10 million
Excess charge
Lost passport
Personal money
Wedding cover
Gadget cover

Single or annual policy?

If you've only planned one holiday this year, then our single trip travel insurance policy provides great cover for up to 365 days.

Or, if you tend to travel frequently, you may wish to consider our annual travel insurance; you only have to take out one policy and can be a cost-effective measure, saving you from taking out several individual policies over the course of the year. If you think you'll be hitting the slopes several times this year, you'll be pleased to know it offers the exact same level of cover as a single policy, but for an unlimited amount of trips across 12 months. Just make sure that each trip does not exceed the maximum number of days specified by your cover level:

  • 22 consecutive days for Bronze
  • 31 days for Silver and Gold
  • 45 days for Platinum

Extra activity cover

We've rustled up some nifty additional cover options so you can add extra sports cover to your policy. Now we can extend your cover to include hobbies like winter sports and we may also be able to increase your cover levels. If you're planning a trip to Iceland, you should have a go at glacier walking — it's a great way of seeing the rugged, natural beauty of the country. For this, you will need to take out Extra Activity Cover Pack 3. Check out our travel guide our team made of their experience:

Now you can get a little more adventurous and tie the knot abroad! Our gold and platinum level policies come free with wedding travel insurance, including cover for wedding rings and gifts, and Platinum comes with gadget cover


How do I book my policy?

This is certainly a question you may ask. Booking with us is quick and easy whether you choose to do so online or via our UK call centre. Simply complete the quote form above to pick a policy. Follow through to customise and upgrade your cover, and proceed to make your payment. If you can't find your chosen sport listed on our sports page, you might prefer to book via telephone and speak to one f our insurance experts.

Travel insurance with medical conditions

We work closely with our underwriters to provide a tailored quote that is individual to you and your travels. Our insurance team are here to arrange comprehensive policies with up to £10 million worth of medical cover.

For any further information regarding travel insurance with medical conditions, make a visit to one of our pages below:

Medical conditions

Try some new extreme sports

  • Bungee jumping
  • Parasailing
  • Deep sea fishing
  • White water rafting (up to grade 3)
  • Plus much more...

If none of the above take your fancy, our HX blog features the strangest extreme sports from around the world.

† If you need to seek medical attention whilst abroad, please ensure that you contact the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service for help and advice before treatment, where possible, full details can be found within the policy wording.

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