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Travelling to New Orleans? Get the right insurance!

Finding the best travel insurance can keep your holiday mood afloat should anything go wrong, we've found that with the right financial protection comes peace of mind. Whether you're travelling alone or as a family, get insured and enjoy your New Orleans holiday.

Choosing us as your insurance provider

Holiday Extras include under-18s on the best insurance policies for FREE if they are travelling alongside at least one paying adult, so we're an ideal choice for families. All of our policies are flexible to suit how you like to travel with a variation of cover levels to choose from.

If you plan any sports and hazardous activities in New Orleans, then these can be covered too, and we can arrange a policy to include any existing medical conditions.

We can even help you if suppliers of any part of your holiday go bust. Our cover includes End Supplier Failure Cover, with Scheduled Airline Failure Cover (SAFI Cover).

This means you'll have complete protection if any part of your holiday, including your hotel or airline, goes out of business before or during your holiday.

At Holiday Extras we only use UK-based call centres and we provide a 24-hour emergency helpline. We also offer a full 14-day money back guarantee. If the policy isn't right for you we'll refund your premium in full within 14 days of purchase.

Search Holiday Extras holiday insurance for a quote, you may be surprised how affordable quality travel insurance can be when you buy it from Holiday Extras.

Your view

Have you had to claim on your insurance during your stay in New Orleans? What insurance tips to you have for your fellow travellers? We welcome any New Orleans travel tips and comments that you want to share with other visitors.