Morocco Travel Insurance

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Book a great value travel insurance before you land in Morocco.
Our policies start from just £27.00* for worldwide travel

Trusted travel insurance for Morocco

Morocco's exotic, exciting atmosphere makes it a fantastic worldwide destination, and with Holiday Extras' travel insurance, you can dive in head first without the risk. If your tour operator runs into problems or your flights are cancelled our policies can help to reimburse you, and you can enjoy the plethora of new experiences with the secure comfort of medical cover for declared pre-existing conditions, and unforeseen medical expenses.

Why Holiday Extras makes sense for Morocco travel insurance

When you arrange travel insurance for Morocco you'll appreciate our efficient service and generous cover levels. You can choose from three cover levels to suit your trip:

  • Basic cover provides £500 towards cancellation costs for each person, £2 million medical cover, and £1,500 to protect your baggage.
  • Standard cover offers £1,000 cancellation cover per person, medical cover at £5 million, and £1,500 of baggage cover.
  • Premium cover provides £5,000 cancellation cover per person, £2,000 of baggage cover, and £10 million for medical costs.

If you need to make multiple trips to Morocco our annual policy, which offers the same protection as Premium cover, can save you time and money over the course of the year. Booking travel insurance for Morocco takes an average of just ten minutes, or seven clicks online, so you can get your new policy quickly and without fuss.

If you need any help with the process our call centre can provide further support. Additional benefits, like free travel insurance for children up to 18 travelling with an adult, and a ten per cent discount when you recommend Holiday Extras to a friend, help to make our travel insurance to Morocco a great value option.

Things to remember when visiting Morocco

Entry - As long as you have six months remaining on your passport from the date of entry, you can enter Morocco without a visa for 90 days (if you are a British citizen).

Navigating Morocco - Visit an official tourist office to hire a guide. Unofficial guides may overcharge, or lead you to locations in order to earn commission.

Tipping - Tipping and bartering are part of the Moroccan lifestyle. Tipping between five and ten per cent for restaurant bills is appropriate, and the majority of other services can warrant a small payment.

Top attractions in Morocco

  • Get lost in Marrakesh, one of the least predictable cities around. Plunge into a souk if you think your bargaining skills are up to the task.
  • Visit Fès, an ancient imperial city and the religious and cultural centre of Morocco.
  • Dance the night away in the vibrant clubs of Tangier.
  • A former pirate's lair, Casablanca is an excellent choice of destination for the trendy and alternative. Beneath the striking colonial architecture you can find unique art deco attractions.
  • Sink into a traditional Hammam - a public steam bath offering consummate relaxation.

*Price based on 1 person aged 25 with no pre-existing medical conditions, travelling Worldwide excl. USA/Canada/Caribbean from 23/06/18 until 30/06/18. Price correct as of January 2018.