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Finding reliable and cheap travel insurance whilst suffering with high blood pressure can prove difficult, and you may be worried that declaring a medical condition is going to send your premium skyrocketing. At Holiday Extras, we want to help our customers by providing a low-cost travel insurance for high blood pressure sufferers.

Our Kent-based insurance team are here to help - they specialise in perfecting medical insurance policies for people with pre-existing conditions. We can offer you a travel insurance quote that won't soar when you declare your medical condition, and it only gets better if you're trying something new! Our additional cover options include cruise travel insurance, winter sports cover and golf cover.

Our policies provide a full range of cover without making you pay double. With Holiday Extras, you don't need to let hypertension spoil your holiday.

Choosing us as your insurance provider

Avoid hunting around online for medical quotes with conditions like hypertension, and pick Holiday Extras as your holiday insurance provider. We can offer insurance to anyone up to the age of 89 for single trip policies covering up to £15 million in life insurance, up to £2,000 of lost baggage cover and up to £5,000 of cancellation cover.

Booking your policy

Making your booking is quick and easy whether you choose do so online or over the phone. You can either fill in the form above to receive an instant quote and make your payment, or place a free call to speak to one of our friendly call centre team.

We've got you covered when high blood pressure strikes

Keeping your levels of stress low is essential when you have high blood pressure, so it can be invaluable to know you have travel insurance that covers you in all eventualities; then you might be able to come back from your holiday feeling relaxed. With Holiday Extras, you know that you have a good range of cover that will take the sting out of anything that might go wrong.

Can you fly with high blood pressure?

In most cases, air travel does not present any immediate, life-threatening risks to the passenger travelling with high-blood pressure. With that being said, stress and other conditions surrounding flying can often have a detrimental effect on blood pressure, so it's always best to seek advise from your doctor before the journey, if your blood pressure is particularly unstable.

For most travellers with high-blood pressure, following these simple steps can ensure that you don't experience any issues related to your condition during the journey.

  • Stay away from salty snacks - it's a well known fact that consuming too much salt can cause water retention, and lead to raised blood pressure. Very often the snacks and meals served on planes are loaded with salt content, which is not ideal for passengers with high-blood pressure. If possible, try to take your own less salty snacks while on board.
  • Keep off the caffeine - caffiene has the proven capacity to raise blood pressure, taking effect as quickly as up to 20 minutes after having taken it into your system.
  • Limit alcohol consumption - alcohol stimulates the production of adenosine which is the chemical in your brain that causes you to feel tired. As such, your more likely to stay in one position and not move around when you're under the influence of alcohol, which can increase the risk of things like DVT and blood clots.
  • Keep moving - As a traveller suffering from high blood pressure, you are more at risk of developing blood clots. Get up and move around the cabin every hour or so, when it is safe and convenient to do so. By periodically moving your body throughout the journey, you greatl reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and other conditions related to blood clots.

Top tips for travelling with high blood pressure

  • Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your holiday and ask for a note confirming your condition and treatment, including doses.
  • Activities that involve high-altitude or deep water can affect your blood pressure, so make sure you speak to a doctor before deciding if you want to take part.
  • Avoid eating anything salty on the flight as this can increase your blood pressure. Try and get up and walk around whenever you can and sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed when you can't.
  • Be careful with food and water, including ice cubes, as these can cause stomach problems that may dehydrate you and increase your blood pressure. Alcohol can have the same effect.

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