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Travel Insurance for a Working Holiday

Working on a gap year is an excellent way to gain valuable skills and experience a culture from a different perspective. Before you go ahead and grab your gap year by the horns, make sure you're covered for any work you plan to take on.

Working holiday insurance that matches your job

When you're choosing an insurance policy for a working holiday abroad, it's important to think about the type of work you have planned.

Non-manual work-Most standard backpackers insurance and gap year insurance policies will cover you for volunteering or working where there is low job related risk. This is good news if you intend to take part in such work as bar-tending, waitering or teaching. However, it is always wise to check out the policy wording of a potential insurance package before buying, just in case there are any surprise exclusions. With Holiday Extras travel insurance packages, you can rest easy, as our single trip policy will cover you for most forms of non-manual work.

Light manual labour-Usually, if you intend to take part in light manual labour, such as fruit picking or cleaning, a standard backpackers' or gap year insurance policy is enough.

Higher risk manual labour-If you plan to take manual work with a higher risk, such as working with light machinery or industrial cleaning, then you will need to look for an insurance policy that specifically covers these elements. At Holiday Extras, we do not currently provide cover for higher risk manual labour.

Professional Internships

There are numerous agencies specialising in securing work placements, accommodation and giving support to working 'gappers'. Remember though, these agencies expect you to organise your own travel insurance cover. Don't expect them to foot the bill in a medical emergency! Also, for business related trips, we recommend adding the business cover add-on, available only on our premium level cover option. This way you can be sure that your work laptop, phone and presentation materials are covered.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Unfortunately, some insurers do not provide working holiday insurance to those with certain pre-existing medical conditions. With Holiday Extras, you shouldn't let a pre-existing medical condition hold you back from applying for travel insurance. Simply tell us about any pre-existing medical conditions you may have at the booking processes, and we can tailor a travel insurance policy especially suited to your needs.

Avoid high excesses/inconvenient exclusions

These can be especially troublesome for a working 'gapper' abroad, as very often, your access to funds will be limited. Once again, the importance of reading through the policy wording cannot be over-stated. If you do need to make a claim for a work related incident or anything for that matter, you don't want to be faced with huge charges.

When you make a claim with Holiday Extras, you can be assured that any excesses will be minimal (ranging from £75-£100). If you wish to completely avoid paying any excesses, we recommend adding an excess waiver to your insurance policy.

Holiday Extras Working abroad travel insurance

Holiday extras offer a range of travel insurance policies to suit your holidaying needs. When it comes to a policy for your working abroad holiday, we encourage you to get in touch through our friendly UK-based call centre at 0800 316 0104, before booking. Every working abroad situation is different, so we'll need to know some extra details about your trip before we can issue a policy. Please note that our working abroad policies do not include cover for public liability.