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Is asthma a respiratory condition?

Asthma is indeed a condition that affects the respiratory system, in particular, the smaller airways. These smaller airways like the bronchi and bronchioles have an inner lining called the mucosa that's surrounded by a layer or muscle.

When someone suffers with asthma, the airways in the bronchi and bronchioles are chronically inflamed, meaning they are particularly sensitive to things like dust, pollen and smoke in the air. Asthma attacks are even triggered by such things as exercise and the common cold.

Declaring your pre-existing medical conditions

It's imperative that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions when booking your travel insurance. Failure to do so may invalidate your claim, should an incident pertaining to your medical condition occur while you're away.

Travel insurance with medical conditions

You may be looking for medical conditions cover but unsure what cover you need for your condition. We understand that no two travellers are the same and neither are their medical conditions.

It's important to make sure you are fully equipped with the most comprehensive holiday insurance policy. Have a look at our various medical pages to find out more about your condition, if there's one we haven't addressed then please make a call to our friendly booking team for more information.

Top tips for travelling with asthma

  • Discuss your holiday plans with your doctor four to six weeks before you travel - they may have some advice relevant to your particular needs and will want to review your personal asthma action plan.
  • Choose your destination wisely - humid climates will contain high levels of pollen and mould; cold countries can be problematic for those whose asthma is triggered by low temperatures. Avoid staying in polluted cities or anywhere there are pets, smoke or a lack of air-conditioning.
  • Carry all your asthma medicines as hand luggage - take a little extra in case of emergencies and bring a list of all your prescribed medicines, or ask for a letter from your doctor. Keep your medicines in their original packaging, and find out the names of your medication in your destination and how you can get medical help there. Remember to check out up to date security and baggage restrictions.
  • Contact the airport and your airline in advance - if you think you will need any special assistance or equipment before or during your flight.
  • Ensure your nebuliser is serviced if you have one - and don't forget a mains adaptor suitable for the country you're visiting. The NHS website has a very useful section on travelling with asthma.

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