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Travel Insurance for Epilepsy

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Travelling with epilepsy needn't be stressful.
Book with Holiday Extras online, or via our friendly call centre team and quote "WEB1"

Living with a condition like epilepsy should not hinder your chances of finding the best holiday insurance provider nor should you face higher premiums. At Holiday Extras, we can provide affordable travel insurance for medical conditions meaning you can focus on enjoying your trip, whilst we take care of the finances.

Choosing your insurance provider

In the last two years 133,000 people with medical conditions have booked with our team of insurance experts to financially safeguard their holiday. Epilepsy is just one of the pre-existing conditions that we cover. Depending on your premium, if you are aged up to 85 we can provide affordable annual or single-holiday policies. You'll benefit from cancellation cover of up to £5k, lost luggage to £2k or medical assistance up to £15 million. We even have staff on hand 24 hours a day to take your phone calls if you have any problems on your holiday.

How we can help you book epilepsy travel insurance

Booking online is quick and simple. Enter your details above - ensuring to declare any conditions and completion of our short online medical screening - to receive our best priced quote to suit your needs. You can always ring our Kent-based call centre to speak to one of our friendly team, they'll be happy to take you through the booking process and provide any further information.

Your medical policy has you covered when epilepsy strikes

If you’re in a new country with a different climate, this can have an affect on your medication. You may find yourself having seizures where you were previously in remission and these can occur in exotic locales where your footing is not as secure as you’d like. If this leads to an injury, or if there are any complications from your seizure, you could find yourself landed with a hefty hospital bill. We've got you covered for £20 a day up to a maximum of £400 for staying in if you get stuck in hospital, even more through our premium policies.

Top tips for travelling with epilepsy

  • Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your holiday and ask for a note confirming your condition and treatment, including doses.
  • Epilepsy Action advises you to notify airline staff of your condition before takeoff so that they can react quickly if you have a seizure.
  • Changes in sleep patterns can cause seizures, so make sure you’re well rested in your travels and take care when changing time zones. You’ll also need to work out the best schedule for your medication.
  • Keep a bottle of water with you as dehydration can cause seizures.

Visit our medical conditions page.

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